Strangest Porsche Upgrade I’ve Ever Seen

I debated whether or not to post this up, because it’s just simply wrong on so many levels, but in the end, I couldn’t help myself. This one definitely takes the cake for the strangest Porsche upgrade I’ve seen to date.

A Russian tuning company has come up with what seems to them to be a grand idea. Cover a Porsche 911 with Whale Skin Vinyl. Not a big deal you think? Well, it’s actually vinyl that is the exact same texture and “feel” of the skin on a whale penis. Yep, you read it right…whale penis.

Evidently there is some kind of Save The Whale promotion tied into the upgrade. Other than that benefit, I really have absolutely NO clue what Porsche owner would do this to his or her car. Fortunately the vinyl wrap is just that, a vinyl wrap, so it can come off.

If you think that’s bizarre, Dartz created an uber luxury armored car last fall called the DARTZ PROMBRON MONACO RED DIAMOND edition that featured actual whale penis leather in the interior. That one didn’t go over too well. Guess John Q Public doesn’t take kindly to whale’s losing their junk in the interest of people having a unique surface to sit their fancy butts on.


  1. That car has balls, what are you talking about penises for? LOL j/k

  2. I would consider this more of a downgrade than an upgrade – especially with the horrendous Ed Hardy-esque logo plastered on the side.

    Kind of an about-face for this guy to do something to “save the whales” from using their *skin for his interiors. He must have caught some serious heat for that.

  3. let the phallic symbol comments begin

  4. hahahaha omg


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