Weekly Porsche Wrap

Bust an eardrum with the Burmester audio package in the Porsche Cayenne – I’m not sure if this is a completely new option, but being a guy who loves to crank the tunes in the car, I had to mention it. It looks like the latest iteration of the Burmester sound system will appear as an option on the 2011 Porsche Cayenne. There are 372 square inches of speaker drivers all over the interior of the next Cayenne. This is the same amount Porsche fit into the Panamera. If you go for the option, you’ll be sporting over 1,000 watts of sheer music pleasure across 16 channels. 300 watts are dedicated to the subwoofer alone. Software in the system’s control center allows the driver to fine tune the sound for each seating position in the car. That would be freakin amazing! [Via DigitalTrends.com]

“If you build it, they will come.” – That’s Autoblog.com’s advice to Porsche regarding the production version of the Porsche 918 Spyder. Rumors are flying all over the great electronic web that Porsche is working with dealers to determine how much interest there is from potential buyers. It looks like the magic number for Porsche execs is 1,000 firm orders. I wasn’t following it closely back then, but people are saying this is VERY similar to the process Porsche went through with the Carrera GT after showing the concept car at the 2000 Geneva Auto Show. [Via AutoBlog.com]

Porsche voted coolest brand in the U.S. – I’m sure I’m not reporting anything new here. We all already think Porsche is the coolest brand on earth. Now our feelings have just been officially validated. Kelly Blue Book reported that Porsche has won three 2010 Brand Image Awards including Coolest Brand, Best Performance Brand and Best Exterior Design. Despite these awards sounding a bit fishy, kind of like the awards they used to hand out to the kids at camp that never got noticed, they still make me smile. [Via PRNewswire.com]

Porsche hoping for a little relief from U.S. fuel targets – Porsche has sent in a petition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation asking that small volume, niche-type sports car manufacturers get a little relief from the standards coming in the next few years. It’s funny because Porsche produces some of the most efficient sports cars in their niches. Porsche, of course, isn’t alone in potentially being up a creek without a paddle in regards to the new U.S. standards. Imagine if you were trying to sort something out for Ferrari or Lamborghini. It will be a sad, sad day if we lose some of these great car manufacturers here in the States. [Via Blogs.Edmunds.com]

New Porsche P’6780 is one HECK of a sweet watch – I am absolutely stunned by how nice this watch looks. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I weren’t too scared to even look up the price. The flip up housing is pretty cool although I really have no idea how I’d use it. I’m not a diver, but this one is on my list to own some day. Here are a couple of pics of it:


  1. I nominate that watch for the next giveaway contest!!!!! Was on the Porsche Design website a few months ago and saw a real nice watch. Think it was going for about 6k…

    • @Joe – Yeah, that’s one heck of a sweet watch. I’d probably have a hard time actually giving the thing away. I finally looked up the price. According to a press release from Porsche-Design, the watch is priced at 6,950 Euros ($9,360). Basically we could give away a Porsche or a watch!