Porsche Says “NO” To Smaller Version Of The Cayenne

Autocar.co.uk reported on Monday that Porsche has ruled out the baby version of the Porsche Cayenne:

The Porsche Cayenne will be the smallest SUV built by the manufacturer, as it fears a smaller car would steal sales from the bigger car’s sales.

Company insiders have told Autocar that they believe that there is strong evidence of the Audi Q5 taking sales from the Audi Q7, and are not willing to follow a similar route. [Via Autocar.co.uk]

Was it due to Brad’s persistence that the Roxster name was HIS idea? We’ll never know. I’m glad though. I really didn’t like the idea of a smaller Cayenne or the look of the cars in the spy photos we saw late last year.

We’ll have to see if this news pans out as legit or if Porsche shifts direction on the Porsche Roxster.


  1. Congrats Brad. Ryan, does this mean you want Le Mans back?

  2. I put the squeeze on Porsche to back off ! lol