Porsche 928 S4 GTE

I’m a bit of a sucker for cool Porsche stories. I still think about one I read in a copy of Excellence a long time ago about a pristine 356 hidden in a mountainside in Cuba (I think it was Cuba). Never was able to find the story again, despite a lot of hours of going through old magazines.

When Lyndon, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me a link to a WikiCars.com entry about the Porsche 928 S4 GTE, of course it gets the imagination racing a bit. I vaguely remember seeing the magazine article to right (click on it if you want to access the full size image to read the article), but I completely forgot about this car.

This special Porsche 928 S4 was a prototype built as a possible replacement to the 928 Club Sport version. It sported enhanced body work, a beefier engine and upgraded interior to add even more creature comforts than the original 928 offered. Here are some reported upgrades and stats for this car:

  • 360+ bhp (this is more than even the Porsche 928 GTS cars built in the mid-90’s)
  • Close-ratio gearbox
  • Top speed of 182+ MPH
  • 17″ Cup design rims
  • Date of factory roll out: 1988

Supposedly the owner, from the article, saw the car while visiting the Porsche factory. He decided he had to have it and after “badgering and nagging” the factory, they agreed to let him buy it. Sounds a bit fishy to me, but maybe it went down like that. There’s quite a bit of debate on different forums about whether or not this car even exists.

Uncertainties about the authenticity of this Porsche 928 aside, it’s one fine looking car. Even worthy of replicating if a 928 S4 ever comes along. Supposedly the mirrors and body work are available. This car reminds me why I love the 928 models and especially the 928 S and S4 versions. Gotta get my wife to agree to me buying one of these some day.

Check out the rest of the info on WikiCars.com here: Porsche 928GTE.


  1. I’ve always liked the 928. big grand tourer, they seem like a great get away for the weekend car.