Does This Porsche Get Dropped?

A German radio station dangled a brand new Porsche 911 from a crane, then took a week-long poll on whether to save the 911 or let it drop.


  1. Now, that’s just sick!

  2. Looking at it again, is it a brand-new Porsche? It looks to me like a 996 with TechArt-style headlamp covers.

    • Phil, that was my thought too. It didn’t look brand new to me. And also looked like it may have been missing some components here and there. I’m sure they stripped out the usable parts.

  3. That is just plain sad. 🙁

  4. Wait… I thought Germans were mature and intelligent? Guess thats just a stereotype…

  5. Why would someone in Germany want to destroy a symbol of the country’s success? That would like someone in the U.S. dropping a Corvette or an Escalade, right? That’s spitting in your own face. Jay said it best…just plain sad.

  6. Just not necessary to get attention for a radio station.