St. Patrick’s Day Porsches

Sorry, I’m a little late to the game on St. Patty’s Day. I guess I’m not a huge celebrator. I know plenty of people that dig the green beer and Irish pubs, but that has never really been my scene. For a long time, I just thought today was a day to avoid getting the crap pinched out of you. Maybe some day I’ll dial it in and hit an Irish pub for a proper celebration.

In the meantime, I did want to throw up some luscious green beauties for you to feast your eyes on today. I love every one of these cars. The light green 911 reminds me of a car we used to pass every day on the way to school. I was just getting into Porsches and always dreamed about taking that thing out for a spin. Instead some guy left it parked outside in his driveway and rarely drove it. Sad.

No pinching necessary for this post.


  1. Wow. I need shades for that bright green Carrera.

  2. Happy St. Pats.
    Ryan, got the copy of Le Mans and I will watch it as soon as I finish pumping out my basement. Thanks.

  3. Happy belated st pattys day! Weather was gorgeous here yesterday. Took the Porsche out of the garage and drank some Guinness at a local Irish pub. Needless to say, yesterday was awesome.