Porsche Abuse Videos

I’m not taking responsibility for these videos. Lyndon, one of our readers, sent them in. The first video, I can kind of get. The second one, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after watching it. My Porsche brain can’t compute what it saw and I just can’t find an answer to the “Why?” question.


  1. that is sad, I guess I can see the artistic value but why not a wrecked car. who would know once it is a cube.

  2. Re vid #2, I know that in some European countries, a car confiscated from a convicted drug dealer must be destroyed, by law.

  3. No. 1 – crazy kids.
    No. 2 – That is just a shame. If Jim’s statement is true, I guess that explains why. But you think they would get smart and sell it and make some money for the state.

  4. The second video was a cannibalized and empty shell. That doesn’t make it okay, just a bit easier to take…

  5. How much would a 2009 porsche 911 turbo cost in about 10 years?

  6. ok so i am ddeciding whether to buy a porsche 944. i just need a list of what to look for. i dont plan on taking it to the track but just to drive 3 or 4 times a week to and from destinations.