Couple of Porsche Pictures

The first picture is one I snapped from the window of my car outside of the gym I work out at. It was a rainy Oregon day. This is a gorgeous looking car. One of the things I love about this picture is seeing a 911 Turbo used as a daily driver (I’ve seen the car several times in the same spot since that day) as well as seeing it out and about in the rain. I think too many Porsche owners are overly concerned about the weather conditions they drive their cherished cars in. These cars are meant to be driven, not sit in a garage.

This second picture was sent to me by a friend. Love the old 911 and the caption! That’s the way I’m going to live from now on. Just hop in the 911 and drive…fast…to McDonald’s for a super size fry!


  1. Love the Turbo. Great color too. Those who won’t take their 911s out in a little rain are the same people who probably wear a man purse. ::Shakes head::.

  2. I just saw a silver 996 turbo the other day but this grey looks great. I think the 996 turbo looks better than the 997 turbo in many ways. by the way I was in my buddie’s Boxster as 104,000 miles came on the display, still drives like new!

  3. You have great friends to send you such nice photos. I love that old 911, I could be very happy driving one of those.