Weekly Porsche Wrap

You are what you drive – Bloomberg.com had an interesting article written by an auto journalist about the vibe your car gives off and what it says about you to the people around you. He covers everything from Hummers to Porsches and Bentleys to Toyotas. He even had an interesting experience in a Smart car in Manhatten. My favorite, though, is his take on the older Porsche 911. Definitely worth reading. [Via Bloomberg.com]

More talk of a Porsche 928-type successor – This has been running in the rumor mill for a while, but according to a recent entry on TopSpeed, a Porsche GT is in the works. They’re calling it “a spiritual successor of the classic 928” and speculating it’ll be built on the Panamera platform. The picture to the right is an artist rendering found on TopSpeed.com. I’m still a Porsche 928 fan and would love to see some type of successor be released. [Via TopSpeed.com]

Porsche sponsoring “The Allure of the Automobile” Exhibit – Taking place in Atlanta from March 21 thru June 20, Porsche will be showcasing a number of rare and beautiful vehicles including the Porsche Type 64 that got the whole thing started over 70 years ago. A 1953 LeMans coupe will be on hand as well. This would be the next best thing to visiting the Porsche Factory Museum. If you’re in or near the Atlanta area, this is a must see. [Via PRNewsWire.com]

Get a $51,000 discount on your next used Porsche – Sound too good to be true? That’s because IT IS! Just try and tell that to Brent Shneider though who was hauled off to the pokey for buying a 2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS (worth $87,000) for $36,000. Turns out the Porsche was stolen from Boca Raton in September. This was the equivalent of buying a watch from a guy displaying them on the inside of a trench coat. Another day another sucker I guess. [Via PalmBeachPost.com]

Test drive gone wrong…at 163 MPH! – We have some doozies every now and then. Thank goodness they don’t come along too often. This is another one for the books. A gal drops her car 2008 Porsche Boxster off at a Shell Service Station to have some routine maintenance done (Problem #1: Who has their Porsche serviced at a Shell Station???). The service station owner decides to take the car out for a “test drive” early one morning. He crashes doing 163 mph. He loses control and the car flips. Of course he fled the scene. He wasn’t seriously injured and wasn’t even charged with stealing it. The gal said she doesn’t hold any ill will towards the owner or his business (Problem #2: The dude wrecked your Porsche!). What’s more, she’s still willing to bring her vehicles back to the station in the future (Problem #3: SAY WHAT?!). Maybe we should go back to the guy who thought he got a $51k discount on the Cayenne……. [Via News-Press.com]


  1. Those last 2 stories were great! (from an entertainment perspective). Nice to see how well Porsches hold up in accidents. Amazing people walk away from these things.