New Poll

Andrew suggested that we fire up a new poll around my SUVs not being trucks rant from a few days ago. It’s now live, so scroll down on the right hand side and let your voice be heard. This is an important issue afterall!

For those curious about the wrap-up on the previous poll, here’s where we ended up:

Will the Porsche-VW merger ruin the Porsche “mystique”?

  • Yes: 33% (14)
  • No: 63% (27)
  • Porsche & VW…WHAT??!!!: 5% (2)

Total Votes: 43

Always a couple of jokesters in there. Don’t know why, but Brad’s name always seems to come to mind. Sorry Brad.


  1. That should be a good ‘truck’ poll.

  2. Up next — maybe a poll on “Who wore it best” at the Golden Globes? 😀

  3. Who ? me? 🙂