Price Is Right Contestant Walks Away With A Porsche…Or Does He?

I used to watch Price Is Right all the time with my mom when I was a kid. Even used to watch it while working out up until a few years ago when Bob Barker retired. Check out what happens when this guy bids on a 2010 Porsche Boxster in his Showcase.


  1. That hurts! I feel so bad for that guy!..I wish he bid 158,000..Then it would be funny!..Poor guy!

  2. Two points: has the price is right stepped up its game and started to give away more higher end cars? I seem to remember watching the show, back when barker was the host, and them giving away cars like the ford escort away. Also, I understand the rules of the game, but it is absurd the other guy won, when he was off by show much.

    • @Joe – I thought the same thing about the showcases in that show. Did you hear what the first got had? One of the things was 5 hours in a private jet. Also, the dude who lost the Porsche also had a trip to Vegas for Fighter Pilot school in there too. Great prizes.

  3. Can I assume the Boxster didn’t have many options for $58,300?

  4. @Joe,

    I’m pretty sure they first Porsche they ever gave away was in 1989. A woman won a 944…

  5. What a bummer to be so close but over. That was a great guess otherwise.

  6. too funny
    i feel for him