Porsche Trucks

I was doing some keyword research today for PorschePerfect and came across an interesting term that gets searched quite a bit in Google: Porsche Trucks. Global monthly searches for the term “Porsche Trucks” is right around 823,000. The crazy thing is when you compare this to the search term “Porsche Cayenne” which only gets around 1,000,000 monthly searches.

You might be asking yourself, “Who the heck cares?!”

I just find it very interesting that people think they are interested in a Porsche “truck” and that they would search for an SUV or the Cayenne based on the word “truck”. To me a truck is something with a bed in the back and a smallerish cab up front…for the most part. A Subaru Brat, for instance, doesn’t fit the truck image in my mind. But neither does an SUV, and in our case, a Porsche Cayenne.

Sure many SUVs are based on the same company’s truck chassis. Durango, Suburban, Yukon, etc., but does that mean you should call an SUV a “truck”? Personally I don’t think it does. To me that’s like calling your old Volkswagen Beetle a Porsche 356 because they originally shared many of the same parts & mechanicals.

I’m not sure why it bugs me when people call SUVs trucks, but every time it happens I feel like saying, “If you really want a truck, GO BUY A TRUCK!” If you want to be a cowboy, go buy a cowboy hat, wranglers and some boots. Get yourself a can of chaw to make that nice ring in your pocket and talk about ropin steer.

I vote for calling an SUV an “SUV”, not a truck.

That and two bits will buy you a cup of coffee.

[Image: Press.Techart.de]


  1. My co worker and I have this argument all the time. I say if it’s not a car it’s a truck, maybe that being simplistic but I don’t care. I am a car guy not a truck guy. To me vans, suv’s, and trucks are all just trucks.

  2. I 100% agree. Especially as I’ve driven Jeeps as the majority of my vehicles, when people call my Jeep a truck I find it a tad ridiculous-


  3. Whoa, didn’t see that rant coming…
    Sounds like it’s time for a new poll. Do you refer to SUVs as “Trucks” or not?

    I know X5 owners who are even against calling that an SUV (since it is technically referred to as a SAV, or Sport Activity Vehicle, but I digress).

  4. Yeah, there are three categories. Car, truck or SUV. None of this SAV or cross-over stuff. Of course, Porsche is in a class all of it’s own, but that is another poll.

  5. Porsche truck,very nice.

  6. Listen to more hip hop, a lot of rappers refer to the Cayenne as a “Porsche Truck” in their lyrics. This is what is probably spurring on the searches when someone hears their song.