Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche museum welcomes 500,000th visitor with a little something special – Not only is one of the coolest museums in the world awaiting you, how about being the 500,000th visitor to walk through the door and getting the keys to a Porsche Panamera for the weekend! The new museum has only been open for 11 months. Not bad numbers in it’s first year. [Via National Post]

10,000th Porsche Panamera rolls off the assembly line – Just 3 months after hitting the market, Porsche hits the 10k market. #10,000 was a silver Turbo headed to Singapore. I wonder if they plan ahead of time which ones will be the special numbers off the assembly line? Interestingly 9,000 of the 10,000 Panameras produced are already committed. 44% have purchased Panamera 4S models, 36% the Panamera Turbo model, and the other 20% opting for the base Panamera S. [Via Examiner.com]

More awards for the big “P” – This time, Porsche received several awards from TUV and a couple from Dekra. These are pretty big deals with lots of inspections and scrutiny going into selecting a winner. The TUV award, for example, is based on an evaluation of more than 7.4 million general inspections performed by the TUV in Germany over a one-year period. Pretty impressive, yet not overly suprising. [Via Autoevolution.com]


  1. That is a great prize for being the 500,000th visitor to the museum. I wonder what they are going to do for the 1 millionth visitor???