Step Back In Time…Porsche Factory Tour c. 1972

I’ve been into the older Porsches for a few months now. Especially the older 911 and 912 models. I’m far from an expert, but my knowledge of them is growing along with my appreciation for these older cars and the history they represent.

I found a couple of sites putting together photos to provide a virtual tour of sorts from years gone by. One of them, A Continuous Lean, found some great photos from a Flickr library and put together a nice group of pictures taken at the Porsche factory back in 1972.

I’ve put a couple of my favorites in this post. Check out all of the pictures here: A Continuous Lean.

[Images: cinelliguy]


  1. These are super cool pics. I love to see factory pics …especially vintage…Of Porsches being born. Think of those cars in the pics and where they went and where they been…where are they now.. and you look at them right from!

  2. I find my self looking for the details, how the factory bulit them. Lots of these get lost over the years.

  3. this reminds me – Hey Ryan, have you seen “LeMans” yet?

    • @ruthless – No, not yet. BUT I did order it last Friday. In fact, I ordered 2. Gonna give 1 away on the blog next month after I FINALLY watch it and hopefully end the months long disappointment I have caused everyone.

  4. I love these photos and what a great year!

  5. it’s ok, Ryan – I’ve never seen E.T.