A Mile In A Porsche GT1 Video

I couldn’t wait until Monday to post this video. This popped up on a video alert this last week and I’ve watched it a couple of times now. Some great footage of Tanner from SuperCars Exposed getting some seat time in one of only two pre-production prototype Porsche GT1 cars. What an amazing experience and he lets it rip.

Just a heads up, the first two minutes are the Porsche GT1. The second two minutes are about a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.


  1. Once again, I can’t view the video from work.
    But I did get a wave from a lady driving a gorgeous blue 911 Turbo over the weekend. 🙂

  2. Cool! I seen this but still cool to see it again! Porsche should make a little higher limited run of street production for these! .. I love watching supercars exposed!…The cars…and Louise Brady… are quite a combo!

  3. @Ryan – I know… it was. 🙂

    Not sure if it’s been brought up yet, but the Boxster/Cayman combo made Car & Driver’s 10 Best of 2010.


  4. That is a great video. I love the looks of that race car and it sure looks fun to drive. Wish he could have gone a lot faster.

    I just watched that show yesterday and Tanner was showing the Camp 4 in Vail, Colorado where you can learn to drive a Carrera 4 in the snow and ice. It was cool, no pun intendend… they had a skid pad area and a slalom course area.

  5. It’s cool. Looking so nice………..

  6. well the second half of the video was a little cheesy but the first have was pretty awesome!!!

  7. I love this version of the GT1. I saw one running at Lime Rock and they are even more beautiful in person.