Weekly Porsche Wrap

This week, I’m starting the Weekly Porsche Wrap off with a picture that surfaced this past week. Seems that Elizabeth Brady, a blogger over at Asylum, found herself some buried Porsche treasure while in Cape Hattera, N.C. recently. Check it out:

The car was buried in sand by a hurricane that hit Cape Hattera. John over at PorschePurist.com thinks it’s going to end up on Craigslist.com. “Porsche Cayman for sale. In excellent condition. Only used for an occasional day at the beach.”

Porsche loses $6.6 billion in fiscal year ending 7/31/09 – Yeah, this really isn’t any surprise. Porsche SE, the holding company (not Porsche AG, the auto manufacturing division) ended it’s fiscal year with a massive loss. They’re claiming the loss won’t really affect cash flow, but is instead a paper loss. Pretty crazy turn of events when you think about it. Last year at this time, they were literally ON TOP. [Via MotorAuthority.com]

India a hot market for Porsche and other high end luxury cars – I find this very interesting. As the economic wealth in the world redistributes a bit with some second and third world countries starting to see their share of the pie, their appetite (and ability to afford) luxury items like high end sports cars is on the rise. In fact, companies like Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley are starting to launch their new cars in markets like India before places like the U.S. Think about the Porsche Panamera. It was launched in China first, then went to India second. India is the world’s second fastest growing car market. [Via Indiatimes.com]

Porsche a finalist in the running for Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award – Motor Trend thinks this is THE award that automakers covet over all the others. I’m not sure I agree. Maybe one of you has a different opinion. This video is on the longer side at 21 minutes and change, but there’s some great cars in there along with commentary:


  1. I hated to see that Porsche buried in the sand from a hurricane. I wonder how many were buried alive in Katrina?