Chocolate Porsche 911

Yeah, literally chocolate covered! I have to say, in the last year of writing on every day, I’ve seen a lot of strange Porsches. The gold ones still leave me scratching my head, but this one takes the cake. In fact, I didn’t really believe it could be true when Lyndon sent it to me yesterday (btw, thanks Lyndon!).

Chocolate artist Jan Blancke took his art to new…um…places and decided to cover a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera S with milk chocolate. The headlights were covered in white chocolate. Covering the car took 386 pounds of chocolaty goodness which is the equivalent of about 1100 chocolate bars. Mmmmmm!

The Chocolate Porsche 911 is on display at the Porsche Centrum Gelderland. To keep the chocolate from melting, the Dutch dealership has to keep it’s showroom temperature under 80 degrees.

I just can’t figure this one out. WHY cover a car in chocolate? Can you imagine what a mess it will be to clean up? And I have to say, to me, it really doesn’t even look all that enticing. Kind of looks like a big Porsche turd.

The car will be on display until Christmas. Wonder if they’ll find a buyer?!

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  1. Why? lol

  2. Ok, it was all good until I read the last line – Porsche turd, ha!

  3. No comment.

  4. If this is not art then I don’t want to know what is…

  5. Agree – this is pretty dang stupid. He didn’t even do a good job! Look at the chocolate dangling off the front and rear lips. And there’s no smoothness to it at all. What happened to all of the clean lines of the Porsche? I can see if it were completely smooth w/ outlines for the doors and all (like they do when they make a clay form of new car designs), but this is just bad.

  6. This has nothing to do with this post. I saw that James replied to Ryan saying that he still checks but doesn’t post often. I just want to ask all of you out there that check back to this site to please try to post comments, I love this site and I see that Ryan has no Advertising on it, I would imagine that it is hard to sell if the numbers are low. I am worried that the site will die out if we don’t all do our best to help make it successful. To all of you that are regular posters I look forward to reading your comments every day.

    • @James – Glad you like the blog. To be honest, I love it too and the whole project, including giving away the Porsche, has always been about having fun. Sure I hope to make some money from it some day, but I have no plans of letting this thing die off. I’ve got too much invested now!

      That said though, I completely agree with you about readers commenting. I would love to have more people interacting and giving their points of view on the blog. So I agree with James. All you lazy readers out there…start commenting!

  7. This is still stupid.

  8. That does look pretty bad, even though I love chocolate. I love dark chocolate the best, but think what that would have looked like, especially with your turd comment Ryan. Still laughing about that one…

  9. Art is in the eye of the beholder. That said, I behold a waste of chocolate and a beutifaul car sullied. The “artist” should cover himself in chocolate and roll around in nuts for his next project.

  10. Browsing around the internet I came across this picture. It clearly shows that the Porsche was covered in plastic wrap prior to being doused in chocolate. At least that was some relief.

    Still stupid – just not nearly AS stupid.

  11. thts ridiculous a choco covered car now i love chocolate but thts too much