Could A Reborn 356 Be The New “Entry Level” Porsche?

I’ve mentioned this before, but rumors continue to circulate about the possibility of a reborn 356 2009-volkswagen-bluesport-roadster-concept-live-04-1_100192496_scoming from the depths of Porsche’s Design department. Course for every one rumor of a 356-like car, there’s two saying the new sub-Boxster is going to be a 914-style ride. had an interesting blog post detailing more reasons why Porsche should, and very well might, build a “new” 356 as it’s entry level model in the Porsche lineup. They maintain the car could be built on Volkswagen’s Bluesport Roadster (pictured to the right) which Porsche is rumored to have been in cahoots with VW in designing.

Another car site in the UK, Autocar, got ahold of artist renderings of a reborn 356. Here’s what the artist came up with:

Image Source:

Autocar even goes so far as to speculate on power plants and other vehicle specifications:

  • Flat-four engine – 1900cc
  • Light-pressure turbo or supercharged options
  • Around 250 bhp
  • Mid-engine placement
  • Steel and aluminum platform
  • Shared sub-systems with the Audi R4
  • Shared transmission with the Audi R4

Will Porsche build a new 356? I doubt it. Is it a heck of a lot of fun to dream about? Of course! Regardless of what they end up churning out, I hope it has design ties with a previous classic model. It would be an awesome jumping off point and probably would catapult it to instant desirability. Course any Porsche should have that right off the bat…shouldn’t it?

You can check out the post on here: Entry-Level Porsche Roadster Rumors Hint At Reborn 356. The post on can be seen here: Porsche’s new baby Boxster.


  1. I think that the car looks like a Boxster maybe Porsche should mix it up and take a departure from their traditional look. The 914,928 and 924-68 all gave Porsche lovers great cars that didn’t look like what you would expect from Porsche.


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