TECHART Releases New Kit for Porsche 997


TECHART sent me an email this morning about a new performance kit they’ve just released for the Porsche 997 Carrera S and 4S models. The kit has a few options including boosting “upper engine speed range” as well as delivering a “customized sound experience.” They use a new “Racing” flap-controlled exhaust system to achieve the customization of the exhaust note. Certainly sounds cool!

Since the people that get paid the big bucks are much better at describing what TECHART is doing, here’s a copy of the press release with pictures added. If you don’t care much about the technical nitty gritty, just scroll down and enjoy the pictures.

Here’s the press release:

Leonberg, November 2009 – With unmistakable styling, TECHART presented its tuning suite for the latest Porsche 911 Carrera 4S at the IAA International Motor Show. This customized Porsche combines perfect styling, sportiness and dynamism, and embodies yet again the basic principle of all TECHART products: OEM quality – Made in Germany. The new performance kit is now also available with immediate effect. The components include the “Racing” flap-controlled exhaust system as well as new engine electronics for a significant boost in power output, by up to 35 hp.


New TECHART performance kit
TECHART has developed a performance kit for the Porsche Carrera S as well as the 4S four-wheel drive version that you can hear and feel. The kit includes new ECU software as well as a new “Racing” flap-controlled exhaust system. The exhaust system includes two stainless steel racing headers as well as a sports catalytic converter, rear muffler with exhaust flap, an exhaust flap control unit and twin oval tailpipes in high-gloss or black chrome. Drivers can choose between a sporty sound close to that of a production vehicle or a powerful racing car sound. Altogether the new performance kit delivers a clearly noticeable increase in power output of 35 hp – in the upper engine speed range. There is also the option of a pure flap-controlled exhaust system, the “Sport” model, which does not offer any increase in power output but does deliver the same customized sound experience. This system is comprised of a rear muffler with exhaust flap, exhaust flap control unit and twin oval tailpipes in high-gloss or black chrome.


Aerodynamics and design
The TÜV-certified Aerokit I is the successful outcome of intensive development work in the wind tunnel. At the same time, the PUR-RIM components fitted increase the downforce on the axles and also improve the driving stability. The front spoiler I underscores the dynamism of the 911 Carrera 4S and, by optimizing the air flow, helps to ensure effective cooling of the braking system. At the same time, side skirts emphasize the powerful contours. Depending on requirements, a roof spoiler and three versions of rear wings permit precision aerodynamic tuning on the rear axle. By way of example, back pressure air vents have been integrated into the variable rear wing IV along with an additionally adjustable spoiler lip (gurney flap). The dynamic character is also emphasized by decorative trims for the exterior mirrors – made from carbon fiber painted in the requested color, decorative headlamp surrounds, a low swung rear diffuser plus the new sports exhaust systems.

TECHART suspension
Firm sporty handling is ensured by TECHART’s VARIO coilover suspension in addition to a set of TECHART sports springs. The VARIO PLUS version is available for vehicles with PASM. Both systems feature coilover shock absorbers with an adjustable rebound and pressure stage plus special main and additional springs. TECHART Formula and Formula II alloy wheels, available as a five-spoke wheel in either a single-piece or composite design, underscore this sportiness. For the new 911 models, a light alloy forged wheel – the TECHART Formula III forged – is available in a twin-spoke design in a 19 and 20 inch format. By way of an option, the TECHART nose lift system is also available for negotiating curbsides and other ramps. At the touch of a button, it is possible to raise the automobile by up to 60 mm – even when driving at up to 60 km/h.


Individual in every detail – the interior
A plethora of different leather interiors, color-coordinated three-spoke airbag sports steering wheels, aluminum pedals and trim strips are just a few of the interior options available. Thanks to the TECHART craftsmanship, virtually no bounds are set when it comes to realizing a customized design. The silver-colored accentuating details are applied, for instance, to the dashboard and decorative door panels, to the trim around the infotainment system, in the center console, seat backrests and coat hooks.



  1. I wonder what the price is, and how close does it bring you to just buying a gt3.

  2. With everything this car is ..I cant warm up to the blacked out wheel look…..on any car. I hate it so bad i cant get past it enough to comment on how awesome this car is otherwise 🙂