Weekly Porsche Wrap

Couple of great Porsche analogies from last week -The first was referencing the Dolphins-Saints game last Sunday:

Educated people….at least those who think they know football….would tell you there’s no way the ball control Dolphins would match the high-octane Saints score for score with the game on the line.

Despite holding a 14 point lead at the half, that’s exactly what happened. The Suburban tried to race the Porsche.

When the Saints offense turned it on, opening the throttle, the Dolphins couldn’t stop the overflow of horsepower. And when the Dolphins needed its offense to bail them out the engine didn’t just stutter. It stalled. [Via Sun-Sentinel.com]

I’m not a Dolphins nor a Saints fan, so I have no comment. The second was in reference to Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. One writer “compared Obama to a teenager who gets a Porsche for his sixteenth birthday. ‘It’s wonderful but where can you go from there?’” Never heard a Porsche reference applied to the President before. There’s more to the article, and it’s actually kind of interesting, despite me not being much a politically charged guy. Read on if you dare, just don’t blast me with your political opinions. I didn’t write it if you don’t like it. [Via Monitor.co.ug]

Behind the scenes of the new Porsche Family Tree commercial – If any of you are techies like me, you’ll appreciate what these guys went through to craft such a great commercial. It’s truly a patience industry with a LOT of attention to detail. Probably why I’m not part of it! Worth the read if you have your thinking cap on and 10 min to spare. [Via DigitalFacility.com]

Porsche is the highest-ranked non-Asian company in latest Consumer Reports reliability ratings – Yep, the top 7 are all Asian companies. Then Porsche at #8. I wonder how Consumer Reports will rate the new Panamera? A funny one, to me at least, at #10 is Mercury. They come in as the highest-rated domestic brand. [Via LATimesBlogs.LATimes.com]

Let Porsche be the reason you upgrade to Windows 7 – Lots of you PC users out there (sorry, I’m a Mac guy) are probably looking for reasons not to upgrade to Windows 7. Unfortunately things just got a little more difficult for you. Microsoft has released a number of downloads for Windows 7, one of which is a Porsche theme. In Windows 7, a theme includes a desktop background, a screen saver, a window border color, sounds, and sometimes icons and mouse pointers. I have a free Windows 7 upgrade coming for a little Windows laptop I keep around, so I’ll apply the theme and let you know how it is. [Via Microsoft.com]


  1. That is cool Porsche got a good rating.
    I think the reason Mercury got a good rating is because all 3 cars they sold last year haven’t have a problem yet.