Poll Results & New Poll Series

It’s always interesting to me to hear people’s opinions on Porsche related topics, especially when it’s a quick hit anonymously via a poll. We’re wrapping up the poll from the last month. Here are the results:

Which of these Porsche experiences would you like to have?

* Rent or borrow a Porsche and drive the Autobahn: 28% (13)
* Take a Porsche driving school at a track in the U.S: 46% (21)
* Own a 25 year old Porsche and use it as a daily driver for a month: 24% (11)
* Take a ride in the back seat in the Giveaway Porsche while strumming a guitar: 2% (1)

Total Votes : 46

The driving school was the clear winner. I was surprised we didn’t have more geetar strummin jokesters contribute. Not a great showing with only 1 vote.

Today we’re going to start a short series of one week polls focused on Would You Rather topics. Feel free to send me your suggestions if you want to see a specific Would You Rather covered.


  1. How about 55 speedster or 89 speedster.

  2. That is a good one James.

    I thought more people would have voted for the guitar option also. Pretty funny.

  3. Disney cruise? Really? Over owning a 993 Turbo? I bet that one gets fewer votes than the guitar response.