Tempting Porsches #23

Today is Tempting Porsche 944 Edition! Found a couple of 944s I would love to own.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first Tempting Porsche is a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo. It’s black on black with 139,000 miles on the odo. 5-speed manual (of course!) and “almost completely stock”. Sounds like a relatively solid car that needs a clutch and a new set of tires. There’s also some drips of oil, but that’s not overly worrisome (especially to a non-mechanic like me). Here are some more details from the ad:

The car is almost completely stock, down to the Porsche floor mats, though there have been some modifications such as an updated Alpine CD system with Pioneer speakers, a MOMO Italian leather steering wheel, a manual boost controller, and stainless steel brake lines. Other than that, there have been very few modifications to the car. I have some service records, though I have done some minor work myself as I am ASE qualified. I want to be clear and upfront as possible when I present this vehicle to you, the potential buyer.

My ratings:
Paint/body: 7.5 / 10
Interior: 9/10
Engine/drivetrain: 8/10
Brakes/suspension: 9/10

Asking price: $6,500

I have to say, this is DANG tempting to me. I’ve always loved the 944’s and a 944 Turbo would be an unbelievably fun car to drive. Pretty fast too…even compared to today’s cars. Course it needs some work, but even still, you should be able to pull $8k or $9k out of the car once the nagging problems were taken care of.

Tempting Porsche #2

The second car I can’t seem to imagine living without this week is a 1987 Porsche 944S with ONLY 14,412 miles on it! Looks like it’s silver with black interior and the lovely Porsche tinting strip across the top of the windshield (that’s SHAM WOW! material there). Here are the minimal details from the CL ad:

Original owner, this car has been garaged all its life and is in basically show room condition. I am asking 12k obo. You will have a hard time finding another 944S as clean as this.

That last line is probably a fairly accurate statement. You don’t see too many 944s that haven’t been beat to hell by hick hill jumpers and teeny boppers learning to drive a stick on daddy’s former pride and joy. Would be a heck of a car to have, but this crosses into the “can you drive and enjoy it” territory. The miles are just too low. As much as I hate to say it, this probably needs to be put into someone’s collection and preserved.

Asking price: $12,000 obo


  1. where is everyone 🙁

  2. 2nd car is brand new, verrry low miles