Archives for September 23, 2009

Porsche Giveaway Video Wrapup

Here’s our final video wrapup on the Porsche Giveaway. Enjoy seeing the final moments we had with the car along with Jeff’s first few moments.

Porsche Web Perfection

This morning I had an email from the “Porsche Team” waiting for me in my inbox. It was announcing the new web site. I fully expected this to be another model specific site, which it is, only with some great Porsche history additions. The first screen you see is the one above presenting examples […]

Don’t Forget To Enter Our Latest Giveaway

As of this morning, we only had 9 (yes NINE) entries in our latest giveaway at I realize we’re not giving away a Porsche this time around, but come on! There are more readers on this blog than THAT! Let’s get some more entries going. I know everyone wants to have hugely great odds […]