The Power of a Porsche Cayman

One of our fellow PorschePerfect readers sent in this video. He spotted the Porsche Cayman in it. You want power like this? Buy a Cayman!


  1. Cool! Never seen that commercial before!

  2. the lesson here is: don’t buy a Porsche if you can pretend instead

  3. It’s always better to fake it than to lay out the cash, right?

  4. Thats awesome. Using a Porsche to get some digits never hurts!

  5. So who won!!!

  6. Pretty funny. So many cool videos out there.

  7. Russ, we won’t know who won till they finish making the video, so I figure wed or thurs, depending on what they do to Brock during the filming & production

  8. I’ve owned an ’06 Cayman S for almost 4 years now, and that’s never happened to me at a gas station. Perhaps it’s because I’m 55, and my wife would kill me if something like that happened anyway. Oh well.