Early Model 356 Project


James O. sent in the above picture of a project 356 car they’re working on. Here’s what he had to say:

This is our current Porsche project. It is a 1953 356 with a rare sunroof and an even rarer factory bench seat. The color is an original Porsche blue and it will have a red interior. The only real modification is the addition of front disk brakes.

Thanks for sending this in James! Maybe we can get some update pictures as it progresses or some completed restoration pictures?


  1. Ok James O officially qualifies and gets the nod as the most envied by others dude who visits Porsche Perfect 🙂

  2. Thanks for the image James.. So far I dig this restoration!

  3. Nice project and we would love to see updates as the car progresses.

  4. Awesome! Is that a factory sunroof and factory color? I don’t recognize that blue.

  5. what does the hole in front of the rear wheel well allow access to? I’m assuming that’s what it’s for

  6. Hi, sorry I have been on vacation. the rear suspension has a torsion bar instead of springs, the holes in the side allow access to remove the bars.