Porsche Story

Jared sent in this Porsche story. Got my heart pumping a bit as it brings back some memories!

I was 15 when my cousin asked me if i wanted to go for a drive in his dad’s Porsche 911 (996). I, of course, was thrilled. We headed for rural twisty roads, but first had to cover about 15 miles of fairly straight highway. No more than 5 miles passed when a Mustang Mach 1 pulled up next to us. He clearly wanted to race.

I told my cousin to blow his doors off. My cousin waved at the driver of the Mustang, down shifted to 4th gear and floored it. The Mustang quickly followed but in about 10 seconds we were at 145 mph and the Mustang was far behind.

After a couple miles of back and forth racing, we passed a police car clocking. I glanced at the speedo…102mph. My cousin, then 18 years old, began to freak out. But the cop never came. After a couple of minutes the Mach 1 pulled off on the side of the road, as did we. He was about our age, and as it turns out he said he knew all the cops in the area and that they wouldn’t chase him.

This was my first awesome experience with Porsche.


  1. Nice Story Jared. Sure is nice to know people that can help you out like that.

  2. All the cops knew me in town too in my younger years… How come I didnt get a free pass? lol

  3. I guess you guys picked the right guy to race past the cops with. A friend of mine used to race his Mustang w/ some other friends up near their Army base and he said the cops wouldn’t mess with them either. Maybe it’s a Mustang thing?

  4. Great story Jared. I recall once driving my Boxster on a spirited drive at the local PCA Porsche Rally and a pebble hit my head! Gives you a little appreciation for motorcycle drivers!

  5. said it before, I’ll say it again: this is why I don’t have kids