Porsche Panamera Video at Pebble Peach

This is a pretty cool video showcasing some footage in the Porsche Panamera as well as some dialog about the car, it’s customization options and whatnot. It’s kind of hard to believe the car is already here.


  1. Nice vid on The Panamera! The interior of this car is absolutely superb. I like towards the end of the vid where a Porsche rep suggests the build level is accepting of any material you wish could be used to upholster your Panamera.

    My parents gave me this flannel/tweed couch they bought in `62 that i still have…Wonder if i could approach Porsche to replicate that 🙂

  2. i want to see some reviews against other cars like the A8, etc.
    there probably arent any yet, right?

  3. Another nice video by Porsche. The customization factor will probably help the Panamera become popular in the U.S. I think the more we see this car the more it looks like this concept of a 4-door Porsche could really work.

  4. When the 747’s flew over and popped out 11 white parachutes, my parents were close. And then they landed on mid-field of Leguna and they were the first to make it to the Panamera 4S. They warmed it up to perfect oil temp and slammed it gracefully into 1st, and hammered it down.
    Actually, they were lucky ones, “Journalists” , to get to have a professional race instructor, give them a tour on Leguna Seca. And, YES the Panamera 4s got lift on the rise just before the “Corkscrew”.
    I will get him to write a report…

  5. That is so cool how you can custom do the whole interior, How much would that cost?