Porsche Crash Video

This is a short, but pretty wild looking video of a Porsche crash. You’ll probably have to watch it a couple of times.


  1. Can usually come in on a Monday and see some fantabulous Porsche pic or video that sets the tone for the rest of the week, I hope this isnt an indication lol

    That dude movd pretty good..but delayed reaction…”I gotta get the shot!” lol

  2. I don’t think the photographer was expecting that! Wonder if he got a good photo!?

  3. That was wild. Good thing they had those safer barriers. ha.

  4. I wonder why the comments aren’t showing up… I posted a few yesterday, and none of them are here. I’m sure there are others posting too, but all of the recent posts show 0 comments. Weird.

    • @Andrew – As much as I love Porsches and the PorschePerfect.com blog, even I must take a break every now and then. Was out of town for a few days, so I let comments stack up. All should be good now.

  5. that guy was a little slow there on reaction time…
    i always feel barbaric after watching these crashes, because i sorta like it, lol.

  6. lucky guy.I wonder if he got the shot?

  7. @Ryan – ahh, I see. I didn’t realize you had to approve all of the comments prior to posting. Now I see why there is sometimes a lag and sometimes they pop right up. Thanks.

  8. It looks to me that the cars were going two-wide into a corner and the yellow car had moved the red car off the race line…and as he lifted the throttle he got loose…the yellow car was off the line and also looked like he lifted and at those speeds, you absolutely can not lift in a corner like that, two wide, in a 911 and expect anything else to happen. I’m sure a quicker reaction time may have come into play but that should of been way back at the entrance, not in the corner. Just my opinion though…

  9. whoa, camera guy nearly ate it
    talk about shock

  10. The reason Camera Guy was so slow to move… He had to finish crapping his pants.

  11. a real photographer would have held hios ground and gotten the shot of a lifetime….the last shot of a lifetime