1st Poll Results & New Poll

Thanks to those of you who were aware enough to notice AND give your opinion in our first ever PorschePerfect.com poll. Here’s what the census was after running the poll for a little over a month:

Would you trade your 2000 Boxster for a Rolex?

  • Heck yeah!: 14 votes
  • Not a chance!: 100 votes
  • What’s a Rolex?: 12 votes

Total Votes: 126

Not very surprising.

This month, I was trying to decide what to put up next (send me any suggestions you have for future polls) and decided to go with a Porsche favorite of mine. One around the 911 Turbo. This is a selection of model. For those of you who don’t like the 911 Turbo, don’t worry, voting does not constitute acceptance of nor favor towards the model.


  1. Ryan, This poll could possibly be a little inaccurate …Given my over obsession with the mid engine Porsche`s, I clicked the “Not a chance” selection 98 times personally lol …. kidding 🙂

  2. 1/14
    not bad!

  3. @Brad – I think I was the other 2. 🙂

  4. kinda surprising with the results. we don’t know what rolex you’re talking about. ryan to me i was thinking you were talking about the day date platinum with diamonds as markers and on the bezel. which would cost around oh maybe $75,000. so yes i would totally trade a boxster for a rolex

  5. lol @Andrew

    James, Yes then sell the 75k Rolex and buy the Boxster back with a chunk of change now in your pocket.!

  6. @James – the poll was prompted by a posting on craigslist from someone who had a Rolex and was looking for a Boxster in trade. Look for the old post by Ryan. If you look at the comments of that post I did some price-checking and it was not a $75k Rolex.

  7. andrew, i know that post well from the past. it was kind of a test to see if people still read the comments that others post.

  8. Voted not a chance on this poll. Even if the type of Rolex is worth more then the boxster, it’s a watch! A $50 Timex tells time more accurately then the Rolex, that is funny. What else can one do with a Rolex then show people they are gaudy?

  9. Well if you think economically, trade the porsche, sell the rolex get a better porsche?

    Like I said, I would trade the boxter in a heartbeat.

  10. The dollar value definitely comes into play here.