Porsche Road Trip


As a last hoorah before my first ever Porsche leaves my possession for good, my son and I decided to take a little road trip. Figuring out where to go wasn’t even too tough. I mentioned road trip and we looked at each other and both said “In-N-Out!”

We’re both pretty big In-N-Out fans, but living in Oregon, you don’t have much opportunity to taste the sweet nectar of one of the most famous burger places on the planet. Not to worry, there’s an In-N-Out just about 6 hours away in Redding, CA.

So this past Sunday we loaded up the Giveaway Porsche and set out for the border. We left in the early afternoon and, after a quick stop for ice cream at Rice Hill, we made it for a late burger dinner that same day. The next day we got up, skipped breakfast and had a second meal at In-N-Out before heading back home.

It was a great trip! One that we’ll have to do again when the next Porsche arrives.


  1. In yet another Animal House reference, Lets hope the 911 didnt suffer the same fate as the big Lincoln when the Delta House Boys suggested “ROAD TRIP” !! lol

  2. Been there, done that In-N-Out trip before. Well worth it and good choice for a road trip Ryan.

  3. Dude, I’m gonna have to go make a road trip to in-n-out right now! Even though its just a mile away, i still get giddy every time I go there. Great Father-Son outing!

  4. double double animal style

  5. @Ryan – even though we’ll never see lar again I still think PORFECT was better. 🙂