Porsche GT1 Jaw Dropper Video

Here’s one more video that Ruthless sent me. This was literally a jaw dropper for me. Had to watch it several times for my brain to actually process what I was seeing.


  1. Jawdrop is right! I remember seeing this!….As they say in NASCAR..”Caught some dirty air”… In this case ..REAL dirty!

  2. Man that was wild. Looks like he lost his downforce because he was following the other car.

  3. Pretty sweet flip, wind made it look like plastic.
    Hope the driver got out ok.

  4. Wow, that guy is lucky to be alive. That is just plain scary.

  5. Wow. Everything seemed to be going so good and then bam.

  6. that video never gets old

  7. This was Yannick Dalmas and he walked away from it. Carbon fiber, Mans/Racers best friend lol

  8. wow, that was awesome! half way through the flip it looked like he might just land on his wheels and keep on going, lol.

  9. Kristina Brown says

    Amazing! Wonder what it was like being the driver.

  10. That was phenomenal. There was a time I was hoping he would land it and drive straight. I bet being so close to the car in front of him created some updraft at the top of that hill to push him up and over. Scary.