2011 Porsche 911 Spotted

Photo By Glenn Paulina/KGP

I don’t know why, but spy shots never really do a whole lot for me. I suppose it’s a little strange, because I really like movie previews.  I’ll sit through 20 or 30 minutes of them and be happy as a clam. But put some spy shots in front of me and it’s a bit of a yawner.

However, I’m sure I’m in the minority there. Spy shots are like auto porn to a lot of car-o-philes. To scratch the itch, I thought I’d share the 2011 911 prototype I found on Road & Track. Lots of speculation about what will and won’t be changed on this 2011 911 model, but I have no doubt it will be sweet…whatever the outcome. Check out the link below for details on what Porsche is testing and may include on this model.

[Via RoadandTrack.com]


  1. spy car pics are a bit of a joke, but magazines pay big bucks to see the first glimpse of a test car that has fake body parts to obscure the true design.

  2. Maybe its because most spy shots have the car so heavily masked that, yeah who cares, The real production vehicle will not look like that…..Interesting tail on this, Just wondering if thats some of the aforementioned body cladding/masking to hide the true production shape or a throw off?.

  3. It looks big. notice how far the driver has his seat pulled up. I wonder if this is maybe a test car for the gt1 talked about in the other post.

  4. I feel the back is going to see a lift
    wonder how that will look

  5. I don’t think this is a GT1, I think it’s what will be the next 997 or 998 – but with all the disguises it’s wearing, it could be the next Cayenne

  6. i was thinking it looked longer in back, but that could just be the deception… i forgot they do that… thx

  7. Yeah, the back looks stretched (not good). I’m not so much into spy shots either. So much of the look changes between spy shot and production. I wonder if they release/allow spy shots to see what peoples’ reaction is to specific things (designs) they’re trying.

  8. Yeah, they are fun to look at but it seems like the car ends up different than the early pictures anyway.

  9. Hmmm, maybe that stretched out look could mean a mid engine coming? Just a wild thought.

  10. you posted pics of this car back in March:


    Here we are 5 months later from the original posting of this, and you posted a pic of this same test car. This tells me that they’re testing suspension, brakes, etc, not aerodynamics – they do that in a wind tunnel. Thus, the car we see isn’t the car we WILL see.