Vanity Plate Winner

This was a tough one. We had some great entries and a lot of tempting choices, even though I’m not a big vanity plate guy. I narrowed the list down to 4 choices that I really liked. In the end, I chose a plate that I thought related specifically to Porsche and the experience driving one embodies. Here’s the winner:

Submitted by lar.

Funny, that could easily be the vanity plate for the official Porsche Perfect car, if we ever get one.

Thanks again for all your entries and creativity. Congratulations to Lar who picked up another 5 entries for our Porsche Giveaway.


  1. Congrats on winning and props on the creative vanity plate.

  2. congrats, lar – I had a tough time coming up with a good one, not a big fan of the vanity plate – yours was one of the only entries I hadn’t seen somewhere before

  3. Ha ha i knew it!..I was thinking i would have a tough time beating that one and said at first “Lar has this one” Good job lar !, Its creative in the best form,…. simplicity… yet effective! Its not a plate people have to scratch their heads to figure out..yet says a lot.

  4. Congrats Lar! I like this a lot.. nice creativity.

  5. yeah, i remember seeing that one and thinking it was quite porfect, in fact…

  6. Good job lar. That was definitely the best one for the website – and the most creative. Good choice for the winner.

  7. That is a good one.

  8. thanks guys!appreciate the comments.