A Couple More Great Shots From Deanna’s Trip

These first two are pretty cool. I love the green set against the bland freeway colors.

Porsche 356

Porsche 356

As for the following shot, I’m all for the Lamborghini with the Italian bike strapped on, especially if it’s in matching colors, but there’s something about this that just seems wrong. Maybe that’s just hypocritical.

Porsche 911 Turbo


  1. I love these pics of the speedster! Does the scenery help out the speedster or vice versa? ….I`mmissing the lambo with a bike on it though…Am i losing it? (ship probably sailed on that last question already) 🙂

  2. roof racks are for mini vans

  3. Those are some great shots Deanna – way to be ready w/ the camera!
    And I think the bike rack on the Turbo is pretty cool. It is San Francisco after all. Don’t see that too often

  4. I saw a Speedster at a car show in Bend today and snapped a couple pics. Will send them in for all to see.

  5. it looks a little out of place along the countryside there…

  6. every time I see a car w/ a roof rack that has nothing in it, I yell out to the driver “nice rack”…bonus points if it’s a woman driver.

    • @ruthless – That really made me laugh. Now every time I see a Porsche with a roof rack, which is rare indeed, I’ll be thinking about your comment.

  7. The speedster is nice but the car bra has got to go.

  8. Ryan – I’m not restricted to Porsche – anyone driving a car with an empty roof rack is fair game.

  9. Any chance for rb to push the limits and get a rouse out of someone. 🙂

  10. I resemble that remark Andrew