Weekly Porsche Wrap

Pretty good 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera review – I like reading these reviews. Especially the shorter ones not written in the usual car magazine jargon. Seems like everyone’s got a little bit different take on the cars they review. This one is worth the 5 minute read. I’ll spoil the conclusion for you: “The Porsche 911 is one of the true icons in the automotive world.” [Read the article at TheCar Connection.com]

Porsches 2 Oxford this weekend – Porsches 2 Oxford is a group of Porsche enthusiasts throwing “A Casual Porsche Party” to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Almost 500 Porsches will trek to Oxford, Ohio for the event that kicked off on Friday and ending on Sunday with a road rally. Pretty cool way to raise some money for a good cause. [Via WCPO.com]

Interesting VW Law basically sealed Wiedeking’s fate from the outset – I don’t quite understand how the Volkswagen Law works or how Lower Saxony is able to veto a hostile takeover attempt of VW. Maybe someone can dumb it down for me. Regardless, I found these two articles interesting about the whole Porsche-VW takeover: Porsche Families Want VW By-Laws Changed and Is Porsche’s Exiting Boss A Symbol of Capitalist Excess? [Via Reuters.com; Time.com]

Woman goes on rampage in her Porsche – What is it with people using their Porsches as drivable wrecking balls? This is a bizarre story about a man who put his Porsche in his friend’s name (the one who tried to hit him) while he was going through a divorce. When he went to get it back, his friend wouldn’t give it back to him. I’m not sure how that led to her trying to kill him with his own car. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to have a Porsche. [Via DaytonDailyNews.com]


  1. oxford sounds like fun!sure you’d see lots of porshes represented.

  2. rampage:”friend”sounds like girlfriend.just one man’s opinion.

  3. Kudos to those participating in the Porsche party. Sounds like good times.

  4. Well, they got that one right. The 911 is a classic and always will be.

  5. Kristina Brown says

    Porsches 2 Oxford event would be a great one to experience, definitely a worthwhile cause.
    According to the story, the event took place on July 25th, is there no update with pictures?

  6. I`d like to see the parade/convoy of 500 Porsches for the fundraiser, Thats cool they are doing that and would be cool to see!

    …and yes, what the heck is with these unbalanced nutjobs getting their hands on a Porsche in the first place and then flaking out and trying to kill someone with it?…No one hurt, But a needless waste of another Porsche that someone like us would appreciate having.

  7. The Saxony law can be best understood like this: in the US, corporate mergers and acquisitions are overseen by federal agencies like the SEC and FTC. Imagine if Oregon also had that kind of oversight for businesses operating in that state…or Portland itself having that kind of power. Not exactly a perfect analogy, but close enough.

  8. That review of the 911 is like an aggregation from other sites. I like that style because it lets you get all of your information in one place as opposed to having to read all of the reviews individually.

    Edmunds claims that “large footwells and a tilt/telescoping steering column virtually guarantee that most drivers will be comfortable behind the wheel,” but they also note of the backseats that “in a pinch, they’ll work for small children, but no more than that.” Up front, “room is good” and the “911’s seats hug without binding and are long-haul supportive,” says ConsumerGuide. For extra comfort and support, reports Forbes Autos, Porsche 911 customers have the option of upgrading to Adaptive Sport Seats, which “improve both lateral support and overall comfort.” Cars.com finds that although they are “called four-passenger automobiles by Porsche, 911s have plenty of space for front-seat occupants, but backseat riders are in for a major squeeze.”

  9. I’ll bet that rampage story from Dayton, OH will come up a few times in conversation at the Porsches 2 event in Oxford, OH.
    Probably not good to sign over ownership of a vehicle you ever want back. Just sayin’.

  10. Hmm, I wonder if the winner of the giveaway car could make it to Oxford for the final day of festivities? Google maps says 1 day 11 hours, I bet a Porsche could to 2400 miles in 1 day 5 hours with gas ups.

  11. Re: Rampage

    Hey, once you’ve driven a Porsche who needs corupt friends. The guy had it coming in my opinion, trying to cheat his wife out of her fair share of the family wealth.

  12. oxford run would be fun to see as well as be in.more fun to be in though.

  13. Gotta love your friends 😀

  14. “He told police he had put the Porche in Maher’s name while he was in the process of a divorce from his former wife. He said he tried to get the car back, but a judge awarded it to Maher.”

    Well there’s your problem.

  15. mitchell says

    just playing devils advocate here on the 911 review, but if the author is calling the car ‘an incon’ – is the review really that unbiased? lol

  16. Ryan, it should come as no surprise when I say I’m single.

  17. car to friend:car was a gift and therefore cannot be taken back.