Weekly Photo Highlight

This week’s photo highlight represents a situation no Porsche owner ever wants to find himself or herself in. This photo was sent in by “FF” who just scored another 5 entries into our Porsche Giveaway.

Bummer Situation!

“Just snapped this one a couple hours ago and I thought the image was priceless!  I dont even know which model it is for sure (944, I think) nor do I know why it was pulled over, but it was on the opposite side of the highway so I had to double back around, stop on the shoulder, and wait for the traffic to get out of my line of sight in order to get the photo. Luckily they were still there and it all worked out. Enjoy….or commiserate, lol.”


  1. That’s a great shot! Way to flip around to get it. The most interesting weekly shot that I’ve seen to date. Nice work FF.

  2. ouch.

  3. oh well,sometimes they get you.what can you do.

  4. Oops. I hate when that happens.

  5. owned.

  6. i’m sure this happens quite often

  7. Man, what a bummer. Great shot though ff.

  8. mitchell says

    i guess i didnt sign my email.. it was i who submitted it…
    yeah, i did have to work for it a bit, but it was worth it just to catch
    it in the act, so to speak (better than a random car in a parking lot….not that there is anything wrong with that, lol)

  9. mitchell says

    PS – thanks for posting it!

  10. I hope it wasn’t 20 over the speed limit

  11. Very brave on your part. Usually not a good idea to look like you are stalking a police officer.

  12. But his speedometer wasn’t calibrated!

  13. I guess the driver could run to the bank in the
    background and pay off the ticket

  14. mitchell, you are so correct. I love how this image tells a story. It goes way beyond a random shot of a car parked somewhere. so great!

  15. Nice work Mitchell. I was wondering who this mysterious FF character was.

  16. happens to the best of us.

  17. Oh yeah thats a 944. I’m not sure where you live but that looks alot like me… often lol. i am the only Porsche in my area and the cops know it.

  18. I hate that sinking feeling when you see the blue lights in your rearview. I feel for him.

  19. Is that Brock? Must be an automatic…

  20. say red is the worst color for attracting police.