Weekly Photo Highlight

Porsche 356 Outlaw

I really debated on this one but finally settled on this Outlaw 356. It’s different from the other cars I’ve highlighted and, aside from the rollbar, this is darn near everything I’d want in an Outlaw. James O. submitted this with these comments:

This is a car we painted. It’s an outlaw speedster. hotrod 912 engine, full disk brakes, fuchs wheels and GT trim.

James, maybe you can fill us in on what you do for a living that you would get up close and personal with a machine like this.


  1. great looking car,even with the rollbar!

  2. Nothing wrong with that choice. That’s one sweet ride!
    Cool pic James O.

  3. porshe will never go out of style!

  4. Hi Ryan,
    I have been restoring cars for twenty one years. Since I stumbled on this great site I have been trying to remember all of the Porsche’s that I have worked on and or driven.To the best of my recollection this is my personal Porsche list.
    911’s 356’s
    3 550 prototypes 67 S 52 cabrio
    5 550rs’s 72 E 53 sunroof
    2 550a spyders 72 T targa 4 speedsters
    1 550a coupe 84 sc Karmen coupe
    3 RSK’s 85 turbo B roadster
    904 94 C4 C coupe
    Beutler Porsche 01 turbo SC coupe
    935 several gt3 rsr’s
    924 turbo
    3 912’s

    I am lucky I have been able to turn my love of cars into a profession and get paid for doing what I love.

  5. nice pic, I’d like to know more about the car

  6. mitchell says

    that bar looks out of place on that car.

  7. Nice ride!

  8. NICE!!! Yes James! , I am itching to know what you do for a living that gets you up close and personal with a machine like this also!!.

  9. andor westgard says

    Every mans dream…but not for Everyman

  10. wow very impressive looking auto. total head turner

  11. Brilliant effort. Way beyond what I could ever hope to
    do. I love fuchs but I don’t know about this
    particular fitment and the rollbar doesn’t work
    aesthetically but if it saves your ass, keep it!!

  12. I am really wondering if the roll bar would do anything other than decapitate you in a crash?


  14. Thats too cool James O, Working on all those toys and getting paid for it!

  15. Great image James. Thanks for sharing about your other projects as well. Do you have pictures of any of those cars?

  16. That’s an awesome list James. Thanks for sharing it.

  17. @ james o. thats a very impressive list. i don’t know what most of those models look like

  18. Yea, the roll bar is a bit odd on this ride. I think I’d appreciate it if I were in an accident though.

  19. I’m guessing the roll bar is there to meet certain state regulations, and I think you’d need it to qualify for club racing safety rules as well. In the boxster & cabriolet, for example, the roll bars are incorporated into the driver & passenger seats, but this car has seats that aren’t tall enough for that.

  20. The roll bar is supposedly part of the GT package.

  21. i would suspect that the roll bar is also there to protect the driver, just a thought

  22. That is a great pic and a very unique looking car.

  23. wow james o,if i have any questions about restorations,i’m asking you!impressive list.

  24. Laura Adams says

    I love this porsche with or without the bar. I will never be able to afford one but it is great to dream.

  25. looking at pic,was wondering when rear`engine porsche got a rear seat.anyone know?

  26. @ lar, i have no idea. that’s a great question though