The Best Part of Porsche Panamera Ownership


What does plunking down $100k+ on your brand new Porsche Panamera get you? Only the coolest keyfob you’ve ever seen! A key in the shape of……well……a Porsche Panamera. Some people will think it’s cool. Others will think it’s stupid.

Personally, I’m ready to find one of these for my next Porsche. Probably be two grand or something crazy like that. What does everyone think? Stud or Dud?


  1. Stud!

  2. defenitely stud!

  3. definitely*

  4. stud

    few car keys could be made in a design after the body.

  5. where’s the key?

  6. stud.. cool concept.

  7. I say cool! Thumbs up!. It not only holds the shape of the Panamera, But it also looks like its some sort of ergonomic design.

  8. that’s about what I’d expect for the Panny, but for me, I’d prefer a smaller one that won’t be so bulky to carry around in my pocket

  9. Absolutely a stud!

  10. like the shape,though it does seem a little large.

  11. silly ,but cute.

  12. will not loose this one amongst the other small look alikes. cool lines.

  13. mitchell says

    cool, but too big. everthing is getting smaller – why are key chains getting bigger?

  14. That is extremely nerdy and I love it. Not enough to buy a Panamera though. Maybe if the Panamera came with a 911 GT3, that would be way beyond stud

  15. The more i like at it , At its size for a key fob, They ought to incorporate a cell phone into it as well !

  16. I don’t think the hood ornament is proportional to the rest of the car. 🙂

  17. Andrew – it’s like a tribute to the Trans-Am ala Smokey & the Bandit

  18. @ phil, i dont think theres a physical key anymore
    merely the presence of the fob in the car can be enough to start it. Button operated.

    Feel free to correct me if i am wrong, i have never actually seen a panamera

  19. @Russ – you are correct. It is listed as a major option on the two lower model packages and standard on the highest. Having it in your pocket is enough to get things up and running.

  20. Stud because of the shape and newness. A little big for your pocket though, so hopefully it won’t force us into carrying man-purses.

  21. Jeff ….from seinfeld…ITS EUROPEAN! If you watch seinfeld you get that one lol

  22. I didn’t see a panic button on this remote

  23. key is 315$ from porsche if you need an extra (that price is including color matched key to exterior paint of car) im not sure how much an unpainted key costs (i have 2011 cayenne with this key)

  24. STUD!