View From The City

Deanna grabbed the following shots before pulling out of town this past weekend while she was in San Francisco, CA. Check out the view from the house, then what’s in the garage!




  1. San Francisco looks beautiful. Too bad it’s full of this:

    Sweet lift, by the way!

  2. wow what a couple of great shots!!

  3. Amazing pics Deanna! Everything you’ve given us from SF has been amazing. These are no exception.

  4. mitchell says

    good job deanna! ever since i put my camera in my car, i havent seen one – except for a few going the opposite way while driving…

  5. I can`t decide which of the two is the better view! Is that the winding street in SF? whats the name of that street?

  6. Another black beauty!

  7. That is an incredible view. What a blast it would be to drive a Porsche through the winding hills of San Francisco!

  8. Sweet. I bet there are a lot of Porsches in San Fran.

  9. @ Ryan, Yes lombard! couldn`t think of it at the time.Thanks! Love both these pics!

  10. Yea, Lombard I’d the name of that street.

  11. Is.. 😉

  12. @Brad & @Ryan – yes, that shot is taken from Lombard St. looking to the southeast. And yes, that is the windy street. To see it on Google Maps just type in Hyde & Lombard San Francisco and you can see the same view if you look at the street view. Alas, no Porsche on Google Maps. 🙁

  13. not sure who is a better Porsche stalker – Paul, or Deanna

  14. great pics,porsche in really nice shape.taking care of a car really pays off.

  15. Thanks Ryan, I was looking for the name
    great short drive down that hill..can get you a bit dizzy

  16. Well, it looks like Porsche’s got a new CEO. The guy who “bungled takeover attempt of VW” is out and their head of production is the new man in charge. The saga continues…,1518,636794,00.html

    …And, sad news from the front lines: it appears as though Porsche is going to succumb to the monster that is VW and be swallowed up into the behemoth, becoming their 10th auto brand. While I’m sure they would still operate relatively autonomously, it would be sad to see Porsche become just another cog in the wheel of a major auto brand.,1518,636517,00.html

  17. Well, maybe not so fast on the CEO part according to Wolfgang Porsche. As I said earlier, the saga continues…

  18. think lombard is the twistiest road in the world.went down it when i was a kid.

  19. Nice shot. the sc cabrio’s have always been one of my favorites.

  20. my predictions are the D will be owning a porsche sometime in the next 2 years.

    she has the bug

  21. fuchs, but I always hated that center light appendage
    that the gov’t made car companies throw on at the
    last minute.

  22. The center brake light was added from 86 on. 83-85 car don’t have it.

  23. 911 cabrio’s from 83-85.

  24. I wouldn’t be to concerned for Porsche as part of VW. this is a relationship that goes back to the beginning of the company. The first VW’s were designed by Ferdinand Porsche and most of the parts on early Porsche’s were interchangeable with VW parts. The 356 was based on the VW beatle parts and both the 914 and the 924 were originaly vw designs.

  25. Andrew, I think they’re dropping these rumors to affect the stock price to give them a stronger position in the negotiations

  26. @James I was with my husband when we saw one for sale in Keizer and he looked at me and said “I know what your thinking – Can we fit the girls in the back seats?”

  27. know kids can fit in the back seat of a 911 coupe,not sure about a cabrio.