Porsche Life According to Frank


Frank, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers sent me the above picture of his garage containing “his and hers” Porsches. With one of them being a GT3, I HAD to hear the story. You don’t see too many of those sitting in garages much less side by side with a brand new cabriolet. Following is a history of Frank’s love affair with Porsche…

It started in 1986. After reading a Time magazine article on Ralph Lauren (of all people). The story included his love for his 1976 Turbo. I was intrigued, and soon bought a 1976 911 S targa. Loved it for 18 years.


In 2004, I sold the Targa and ordered a 2004 Boxster S Special Edition. GT Sliver with Cocoa Full Leather interior,  & Tiptronic. Lovely car.


With that, I discovered track days. The car was really incredible, but after a few years I knew I wanted a 6 speed coupe for my track days. Conveniently Porsche unveiled the Cayman S.

Perfect, I got one.


In 2007 alone,  I did 17 DE weekend track events. I was hooked deep. I handed the Boxster over to my wife (always nice to have an open top Porsche in the garage!). Her only complaint, “it will always be yours”.  The 987’s came out, so we swapped. She had “her” Porsche now. 2006 Boxster with Tiptronic.


After all that track time, I was coming to a crossroads. I wanted a roll cage and 6 point harness. I considered modifying the Cayman S, but that just never felt right to me. A fellow Rennlister put his 2007 GT3 up for sale and wham, it just made sense. A universally adored Porsche, factory prepared for track use. Exactly what I lusted for.
A couple weeks later, I’m on a plane to Virginia Beach, and drive the GT3 home. The greatest 10 hour drive of my life!



In the meantime, my wife has started to join me at the track and is getting hooked on the scene as well. She takes the PSDS Women’s only class at Barber, driving 911’s.

Afterwards, she expresses the need for more horsepower on the track. How could I argue?  Porsche obliged us with the 997.2 and the fantastic PDK transmission. This March, we traded the Boxster for a 2009 Carrera S Cabriolet, with PDK. One impressive car.

PJ and I have done multiple PCA track weekends together again this year. We have a blast, and the two cars are quite a pair.


It can be hard to explain to people, I’m sure you know. These cars really add joy to our lives.


Great story Frank! Thanks for sharing it.


  1. I love the his/her Porsches!

  2. Wow…

  3. i was checking out the photos late last night and my jaw dropped when i saw the S and the GT3 in the garage!! wow

  4. in my next life, I’m coming back as Frank

  5. Nice story. Sounds like a fun process they have gone thru.

  6. Best reader story to date! I suppose it just goes to show that the Boxster really is a true Porsche. Great photos to accompany the story too. That is quite the garage. Thank you for sharing Frank. This was a great way to start my morning off.

  7. Frank, I want to be you!

  8. Out of curiosity.. what is car #3 in your garage?

    I love that you park your GT3 on a carpet, right in front of a couple of racing helmets!

  9. great story,frank.i’d tell you to have fun,but it sounds like you already have that covered.

  10. That’s it.. I want a Porsche! Time to go hit the streets and snap 100 more pictures of Porsches in my neighborhood so I can finish strong in this crazy competition we are all in.

    “She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine”

    Name that movie..

  11. frank should be the porsche perfect pin-up boy!

  12. i just saw the license plate on the carrera “pure joy” i don’t think any of the readers will disagree

  13. Hands down, best story yet on this blog! Incredibly genuine and makes me want to do the same (apart from having gone through all the different porsches -i couldnt afford to do that). The his / hers idea is awesome! Now just need to find someone that will dole out the cash on a 911

  14. Jeremy, don’t take this the wrong way, but…

    This give away is about building up the site as a community. Go take those pics, or as you put it “snap 100 more pictures of Porsches in my neighborhood so I can finish strong in this crazy competition we are all in.” I suspect that win or lose, we’ll never hear from you again.

    Yes, a give away Porsche brought us here, but only one person will win it. The day after that happens, let’s see who is still here. I’m calling you out on this because it bothers me that the only reason you are here is to win a car.

    I suspect if Ryan were giving away a Prius, you’d still be here. I would not. So go get your camera, leave your dignity at the door, and spam Ryan with a hundred pics.

  15. Frank!..I want to write a 9 page reply comment that would leave me pathetically sobbing and teary eyed, But i`ll spare everyone rhe display ….and myself the humiliation and cut it short..YOU ROCK!! lol

    You hear that people? The man has a GT3 in his garage….. and plenty of love remains for the Boxster! !!! 🙂

  16. mitchell says

    its definitely a nice thing to have a few different options in the garage. sometimes you want pure speed, while other times you want to drop the top for a countryside jaunt…

  17. Bookie, dude…harness that energy and do something positive for your fellow man!.. Namely ME! lol Go out and channel that energy into roughing up some stiff who owes you dough and make a contribution to the Brad CGT fund! lol Its ruthless bookie right?…GO GO GO!! lol.. You will feel all the better! 🙂

  18. Hahaha, if Ryan was giving away a Prius, I would definitely NOT be here. I’m sure we would have a bunch of Al Gore type-environmentalist wackos though!!! Sorry if i offended any of you “green” people.

  19. I don’t need a Prius either, but I do want a Porsche whether it is the Giveaway Porsche or one I purchase when I can afford it. I think this is a great site and will be here long term.

  20. priusperfect.com Oh man, somebody punch me in the face for even typing that lol
    I got nothing against being green!!, I got everything against driving a mass produced car down the road that looks like a cardboard box lol

    Oh BTW, Frank…You still ROCK! lol

  21. ruthless bookie living up to his name… ruthless.

    but i like it. 🙂

  22. would also like to say frank is a lucky man having found a wife who understands his “hobby”.

  23. i’d love to do a track day!if only i had a black 911.

  24. Bookie,
    thanks for the love! I’ll try to give you some grace because I realize that you don’t know me, my lifelong friendship with Ryan, or how I got introduced to the site. Sorry it pisses you off that I want to win a free Porsche. I think that the whole point of the giveaway was to create a buzz and generate traffic on the site. Mission accomplished with me. This is the only way a poor fool like myself will ever own a Porsche.

    If you are looking to be a part of an elietist club maybe YOU are in the wrong place. Maybe a country club or a Mega Church is where you should go.

  25. Frank, two words… Life swap.

    Keep Livin the dream man!

  26. Ill take a prius
    its a smooth drive and quite silent
    + its very star trekky

  27. This guy Frank has a great life. He loves Porsches and
    apparently has the scratch to purchase them. Plus,
    his wife has a passion for it too. Good for you!!!
    Great story and thanks for the pics.

  28. Russ, good point. The Prius would definitely be a car worth competing for! Green is Good!

  29. What Frank did right is have a wife that doesnt squelch his passion but shares it right down to participation.

    Frank`s singles ad:

    Single Male looking for Single female. Must be able to complete a lap at Lime Rock in one minute or less. 🙂

  30. That was actually pretty funny Jeremy… Life swap. nice.

  31. I’m going to say that ruthless and jeremy might have had the first porscheperfect “fight”

  32. This is a reminder to Franks….You still ROCK! lol

  33. no word on 3rd car?still curious.

  34. You have chosen wisely, nice cars Frank.

  35. I nominate Frank’s pic for “Weekly Photo Highlight”:


    who’s with me?

  36. frank deserves weekly photo highlight.not only for cars he has now,but for all the cars he’s had.

  37. really nice cayman.go frank!

  38. Frank, Yes you know what i`m going to say, You still ROCK! lol

  39. Frank, I come back to this post almost every day. I just love your cars man!