Porsche Story

Here’s another great Porsche story. This time from James O. Remember, every Porsche story, even if it isn’t used on the blog, counts towards entries as long as you follow the guidelines in the entry method.

I’ve wanted a Porsche for as long as I can remember. They have always bean there lurking out of reach. I still can see the first one that I fell in love with, I was nine and we were walking through the parking lot at the German grand prix in 1978. A black 930 turbo, it was the meanest looking car I had ever seen, and I wanted it. Now I am 40.

I have restored plenty of other peoples Porsches. I’ve worked on and driven some amazing cars like 356’s, 550’s, RSK’s and 911’s. I even had the opportunity to work pit crew for a profesional porsche racing team. I still have not owned one.

Every time a 911 goes by I see it with nine year old eyes and wisper to myself, “someday…”

Isn’t it funny how vivid the first experience was that captured your interest in Porsches? I’ve talked about mine being the 944 I drove when I was 15. Still remember it like it was yesterday.


  1. Nice story. Keep the faith.

  2. sure you will get one soon.good luck!

  3. restore restore restore. I wish that I could turn a wrench.

  4. when I was a kid, my dream car was the Jaguar XKE. As I was growing up, there was an over-abundance of 924’s and 914’s, so I wasn’t bitten by the Porsche bug till the 80’s.

  5. someday is today.

  6. I was a young teenager when I fell in love with Porsches so I can relate.

  7. That’s an impressive list of models you’ve worked on there James O. I, for one, would like to hear more about your work on a Porsche racing team and what that experience was like.

  8. James, your story is OUR story…

    Well except for Frank. 🙂

  9. i’m with phil.with your know how,you could get an older car cheap and end up with something really special.good luck.

  10. mitchell says

    while i always want the newest model of everything, i could make the exception with a porsche. and often times the average person cant tell how old of a model a porsche is (the way many good cars are).
    they simply stand the test of time.

  11. I still say and will always say that my dream car has always been a Porsche 930 Turbo. Someday I will have one for sure.