Paul’s Trip – Day 21

Porsche 911

Paul’s trip is winding down. He’s got a final spotting for us. Here’s some info on the shot: “This is a great one. I was in the back seat of the car and was dozing off, when I saw this baby out of my peripheral. I had to scramble to find the camera and then had to shoot out of the back window after we had passed. But check out that setting for a backdrop! This was on a lonely stretch of highway in a town called Ennis, Wyoming.”

Check out those mountains in the background!

“On another note, while driving through Yellowstone National Park, we saw three cabriolets in a mini convey cruising through the park. Again, camera not handy as they came at me from the opposite direction.”


  1. is that a mid 90’s Turbo?

  2. i think we have a new winner for next weeks weekly picture

  3. That is a great pic. It looks like one of those sniper shots from movies where they crawl to the edge of the forest — in this case I guess it’s just a sleepy man in the backseat of a packed car. That was one heck of a road trip.

  4. That is a great setting with the lone Porsche in front of a western style building. Pretty cool.

  5. beautiful shot Lopez!

  6. Loving the scenery on this one.

  7. Picture perfect ..i love that color wish it was mine.

  8. Phil – looks like a 996 or 997 turbo based on the slant of the headlights, before that, the headlights were more vertical

  9. This is a very nice shot!

  10. Paul, I am so with you on the frustration of not being able to get to your camera in time for a shot. I’ve missed dozens of great images because I didn’t have my camera ready to go.

  11. like that it’s the only car in the shot.mountains are a great backdrop.

  12. Kathi O. says

    I love it…the car color is the same as the sky. Perfect setting.

  13. mitchell says

    because of you i put my camera in my car. of course now i never see any (except for a couple that quickly passed coming from the opposite way)

  14. looks kind of lonely out there.should hit the open road!

  15. how many more days on your trip?

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