Porsche Panamera Turbo

It’s interesting what people have to say about the new Porsche Panamera as reviews start to surface. Maybe some day Porsche Perfect will be enough of a force in the Porsche world to warrant access to the Porsche press fleet. Then again, it’s more likely we’ll continue to be relegated to “test driving” second hand cars and only drooling over the latest and greatest.

The latest article I’ve come across about the Panamera was a “preview” of the Panamera Turbo written by David Booth for Canada’s National Post. To be honest, I’m not really sure what a preview review is. I can’t tell if the author actually had access to the Panamera fleet for his research or not. Regardless, he raised a few interesting points. Most of which I don’t agree with.

The basic conclusion of the article is don’t buy the Turbo, buy the normally aspirated V8 version found in the S and 4S models. Booth claims this will provide a “much more satisfying” experience due to the increased control. Here’s a great analogy he uses in his article:

The Turbo reminds me of your inveterate kegger buddy: Even when you just want to slowly sip a pint, he always insists on ordering a full pitcher.

Interesting. I guess kegger buddies worldwide are going to want me as their wingman, because personally, I love the accentuated power of the Turbo model and it’s typically beast-like handling characteristics. Isn’t that what a Porsche Turbo Anything is all about?

I have a hard time not seeing the natural progression in desire up to the top with the Turbo model at the #1 spot of the Panamera lineup. Isn’t there at least a tiny bit of Turbo envy in every Porschephile?

It almost seems like he should be thinking more about an Aston Martin or Bentley rather than a Porsche. Or perhaps the Mercedes AMG CLS63, AMG S65, or Cadillac CTS-V he mentions as all faster than the Panamera. They may be technically faster, but I’d bet ten bucks they all feel like a fat runner on a 6-pack of Red Bull. Not really built for a foot race even if they can “technically” win. All three cars he lists are models built for comfort and cruising, only beefed up to feel sporty, rather than Porsche’s racing roots being the basis from which the Panamera was built.

I know the Turbo versions of Porsche’s creations are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. Maybe I just need to get used to the playground the Panamera will likely be frequenting: luxury sedanville. I just couldn’t let the kegger buddy/anti-drama comments go unnoticed.

Jump over and read David Booth’s article here: Preview: 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Ryan on your argument for aspiring to get the turbo version. I think David booth`s recommendation is simplistic….which leads me to believe he has an equally simplistic ulterior motive….He suggests to everyone not to aspire for the turbo, While he gets one himself so he can say, “Look, I got the turbo !” ..I`m not falling for it 🙂

  2. once in a while you feel like keeping up with your kegger buddy.at least with the turbo,you have that option.

  3. basically the author is admitting he’s a shitty driver, and the turbo is above his skill set

  4. “…he raised a few interesting points. Most of which I don’t agree with.”

    I like that line and tend to agree with it. His analogy makes me definitely more inclined to purchase a Turbo over naturally aspirated. If I am going to be dropping $100k+ on a vehicle, I am most certainly looking for something a little on the rowdy side – not something that is going to be a smooth cruiser for the wife and kids to pick up groceries in.

  5. Nice article and nice choice of words on the Turbo envy. 🙂
    I would be happy with the turbo model and that pic actually looks pretty good from that angle and with that color for a 4-door.

  6. has he driven both?if not,don’t really care about his opinion.

  7. cool

  8. Phil Schneider says

    I think if I could afford a car in this price range, I’d
    concentrate on a 911. Still not impressed with the
    design of the last third of the car but I’d like to see
    it in person before passing final judgment.

  9. turbo is meant for everyone 😀

  10. mitchell says

    i always love a good analogy. but i think most people who opt for this would get the turbo, wouldnt they?

    ive seen a few videos of this car online and im really liking it more and more.

  11. I would take a turbo charged version of this car any day

  12. I’d rather this guy not drive a turbo.

  13. LOL – I think I’m with ya on that one Jeremy! 🙂

  14. @Jeremy, i`d rather this guy not DRIVE! lol

  15. I have a saying – “no pics, didn’t happen”. There were no pics of this guy anywhere NEAR a Panamera, I say it didn’t happen.

  16. @ bookie, yeah that could be!….You have heard of bench racer, I think maybe he is a bench reviewer lol.