Weekly Porsche Wrap

Goodwood Festival of Speed brings largest gathering of 917s ever seen in Britain – Quite a tribute to one of the most reputable cars in racing history. The article has some interesting perspective of a guy who actually got to drive a 917 during the festival and what his experience was like. If you’re into racing or 917s, this is worth a read. [Via Telegraph.co.uk]

Porsche’s financial woes get more woeful – The saga continues. I’ll sum it up in case you haven’t been reading the news. VW and Porsche can’t seem to get along. Qatar doesn’t want to be a last ditch effort. Sounds like VW made a firesale bid to buy 49% of Porsche for €3-4 billion. [Via Seeking Alpha]

Shelve your Porsche 914 re-release dreams – The latest from the rumor mill is that Porsche is not going to release a 914-like roadster. Porsche AG board member told Automotive News that the new millenium 914 is off. He said Porsche can’t make a business case for small cars. Too bad, I was looking forward to something small and cool. [Via MuscleCarsWorld.com]

Panamera is getting 3 new engine options – It looks like Porsche is working on  3 new powerplants for the Panamera line. They include a V6 (sourced from VW), a diesel and a hybrid of some sort. It’s also looking like Porsche may offer a performance oriented model that would outdo the Turbo. Something like a Turbo S or GTS. [Via AutoBlog.com]

3 new parties have emerged with interest in investing in Porsche – In just the last few days, we’re hearing about 3 new interested investors. Reports are saying that Chinese and Russian sovereign wealth funds are showing interest in a stake in Porsche. Also an unnamed hedge fund is in the mix. Nothing like keeping things interesting! [Via MarketWatch.com]

Article on Wendelin Wiedeking – I just came across this today and thought I’d throw it in. It’s an article about Wendelin Wiedeking that I found interesting. Read it here if you’re interested: The Sydney Morning Herald. If you don’t know who this is, then you HAVE to read the article. He’s an important man for Porsche right now.


  1. no 914!boxster entry enough.

  2. mitchell says

    it would seem that the more investors there are- and from wildly different backgrounds – the worse things will get. everyone will want a say in how things get done. hopefully things wont get perverted too much along the way.

  3. 917!WOW,what a car!

  4. yeah, the whole Porsche buying, selling to investors is all very complicated. Guess we will just have to sit back and see what happens.

  5. I will miss the 914 if they decide against it.

  6. the Porsche / VW saga has been going on forever, this latest stuff is no surprise, and will probably amount to nothing…keep in mind that Porsche is still family owned, so no one buys any percent of the company without their consent, whereas VW is publicly held, so anyone with deep pockets can make a move.

  7. I for one am dissapointed that a “new” 914 will not be developed. I guess the Boxster holds that spot…and definitely a terrific car the Boxster is, But still would love to see a 914. Not as a replacement to Boxster, But a little brother 🙂

  8. The 917`s, As a kid i was awe struck by them and always remembered them by the famous Gulf and the Martini cars. I have an original poster that was given to me as a kid from the Gulf station owner down the street from where i lived, With a 917 in Gulf colors!

  9. The 917 is an awesome looking race car. Still need to see the movie Le Mans. Maybe this week…

  10. too many investors usually end up making “sports car by committee” i.e.’57 t-bird.

  11. i’m really disappointed about no 914 re make coming out.

  12. goodwood sounds like fun.anyone ever been?