Paul’s Trip – Day 14


More from Franklin, TN. Here is a shot of a Porsche Boxster at The Factory (no idea if that’s a significant place in Franklin).


  1. Damn, never knew there were so many Porsches in Tennessee. What’s up with that?

  2. I like this shot, I love Boxsters and liking that rear shot, Always loved the double hoop roll bars too!

  3. maybe i should’ve joined paul so i could get all the pictures for entries

  4. Paul the Porsche Stalker is on target to photograph every Porsche in Tennessee

  5. Franklin, Tennessee – the new Newport Beach.

  6. i would never leave my top down in a parking lot.too many envious jerks in the world.

  7. mitchell says

    you know ryan – if you pay paul a little money, that can make him a “professional” in which case he could possibly write off the entire trip as “business related” lol

  8. Lar, I could have so much fun with your comment…But i`ll behave lol

  9. I’ll go

  10. Another great image Paul… Or Sandy.

  11. i wonder what state has the most porsches registered per capita??

  12. interesting question,james.

  13. Connecticut has a lot of Porsches per capita – not saying it’s the highest, but it’s up there.

  14. great angle on your pic.have fun!

  15. how many days left on road trip?