Paul’s Trip – Day 12

It’s Day 12 of Paul’s big Epic Journey. Turns out Paul has hit the Porsche jackpot in Franklin (no idea what state…Tennessee maybe?). Within only a couple of hours of getting there, he’d already spotted 6 Porsches. Here are 4 he was able to capture pictures of.

“As we were leaving our hotel to go to dinner, we saw this pearly colored coupe pulling out of the PF Changs parking lot. Sandi acted as quick as we could to get most of the car in the shot. The guy looked at her with that ‘why are you taking my picture’ look.”


“Then about a mile down the road on the expressway, an older brown convertible turned off on a country road going away from us and I snapped this shot.”


“It was at this point that a silver convertible came down the other direction, but I was driving and it was going the other way, and it was just too fast to snap.”

“In downtown historic Franklin, TN, we parked right across from this guy, and caught it with my iPhone.”


“And as we ended our walk for the evening, I spotted this black Boxster kind of down around a corner from us, and Sandi scooted down half a block to take the photo.”


“On the way back, we saw yet another cab, but it was dark and we had put the camera down…..but that was #6.”

That’s it…I’m moving to Franklin. No matter what state it’s in!


  1. mitchell says

    i think i posted this somewhere, but i saw a ton of porsches in birmingham, al of all places. of course, i didnt have my camera with me.

  2. wow!lots of nice cars.

  3. it must be the law of attraction that paul is using. or maybe it’s a sign that he need to buy one

  4. nice 911 at p.f.chang’ the color.

  5. Wow! I don’t think i’ve ever seen that many Porsches in a day. Excluding get togethers with other Porsche owners. All I see around here is BMW, m-benz, and lexus.

  6. there’s a pretty large Porsche dealership in Nashville, just a couple of miles from Franklin.

  7. Nothing like driving a Porsche on a stomach full of chinese food! Or so I’ve heard.

  8. @Ryan, you’re right about Tennessee as Paul mentions:

    “In downtown historic Franklin, TN, we parked right across from this guy, and caught it with my iPhone.”

    But I’m sure you were too busy checking out all of the great shots to read the text. 🙂

    Nice work Paul. Strange, you wouldn’t think that locations like TN would have a ton of Porsches.

    • Andrew, no, I actually read that in the text on my final read through the post before kicking it live, but I was still feeling my gunghoness about moving to this newly discovered Porsche mecca, regardless of what state it was in, so I left it in there.

  9. i don’t think many people on the east coast think there’d be a lot of porsches out in oregon. some still think we ride horses out here

  10. more nice pics good job.

  11. btw, nice Porsche stalking, Paul

  12. nice variety of cars.have a great trip!

  13. brown is classic but only on 911.

  14. Phil Schneider says

    i want the brown convertible

  15. the 996 cabriolet looks nice in that color

  16. In addition to all the pictures I sent, I saw a total of 4 that I couldn’t get shots of, one because I was climbing on my bike and couldn’t get my camera out.

    Also, Ryan, a mutual friend of ours told me that his boss (or possibly co-worker) just ordered and received a brand new C4 cabriolet. Nice.

    Remember folks, Franklin is just south of Nashville, where tons of music is made…lots of money in that area.

    (Also, in regards to Alabama, we stayed just outside of an area that is one of the top 5 affluent neighborhoods in the country, or some crazy stat like that…so, no wonder you saw so many!)

  17. Seeing this again makes me hungry for PF Changs again. When I get a Porsche I will have to drive it to Bridgeport Village and do the free valet parking and go to PF Changs.

  18. @ James, Nevermind the idea that there are Porsches out “yonder” ..I am surprised you have a PC and where do you plug it in? ..”I reckon” lol