2011 Porsche Cayenne Spotted

WorldCarFans.com has some spy shots of the 2011 Porsche Cayenne along with a video of one driving around the snow covered hills of Germany (I’m assuming) earlier this year. Judging from the photo above, it doesn’t look like the exterior is vastly different. Updated tail lights and maybe a little sleeker.

I haven’t seen many shots of the interior, but it’s supposed to be significantly improved taking heavy cues from the new Porsche Panamera interior. New sports seats, refined control stack and some updated finishes with new switches and whatnot are supposedly on tap. The interior spy shots I saw showed a mass of cables and extra crap mounted on the dash to facilitate test equipment.

All in all, nothing to get crazy excited about, unless of course you’re a Cayenne fan. If so, then go nuts!

[Source: WorldCarFans.com]


  1. Doesn’t look any different in these pics, so it is still just an SUV. But they are nice and powerful for that kind of rig.

  2. not on my top 5 list

  3. About time for an update on the Cayenne. Definitely looks better from the back. Possibly a bit wider and taller too? That may just be due to the perspective at which the shot was taken.

  4. it’s doing well,so i guess they don’t want to mess with success.

  5. Should I even bother hating?

  6. don’t see any difference but ,then again,never paid that much attention to them in the first place.

  7. Agreed,

  8. mitchell says

    sounds like its going to be even better. i hate it when they update a car (either inside or out) and it seems worse. it goes against all sense.

  9. i want to see the 998 spy pics

  10. The Cayenne does look good from the back. Well all around actually, If i had a need for an SUV maybe i would be more excited about a new one coming out. I`m no Cayenne hater, Its in fact nice.

  11. This just doesn’t look like a Porsche to me.

  12. What Cayenne does?

  13. @Russ – yes you should. Keep on hating. 🙂

  14. I would definitely prefer a 911 for the nice weather, but when the weather turns bad I could drive a Cayenne in the rain and snow. That is one big benefit.

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  16. Zach Husman says

    The Cayenne is such a sharp and great performing SUV. I’m surprised it’s so reasonably priced for a Porsche too!