Paul’s Trip – Day 1 Sighting

Paul is on a vacation with his family. As he makes his trek across our great nation and back, he’s promised to send pictures of Porsches he spots along the way. Here is our first sighting from Morgan Hill, CA. It’s a 944, and from the back, it looks like an ’83-’85 vintage. Just my guess though.


Will be interesting to see what he comes up with over the next few weeks.


  1. It just looks like any other car…sorry!

  2. The 944, Im a fan! The darker colors suit this body style best. This one looks great!

  3. This I like
    I wish I could get a clean one

  4. Can’t wait to see what else Paul comes across. I wonder how the type of Porsche will vary (and scarcity) from different regions. Should be interesting to watch – neat idea.

  5. 25 years old and looks great.pays to take care of your car.

  6. That is a cool idea to take pictures as you cross the country. I would love to do that.

  7. any bets on how many he’ll see? depends on where his travels take him, I guess.

  8. what a great idea!can’t wait to see some more pictures.

  9. mitchell says

    nice, you know i was just in birmingham, AL of all places and there were a TON of porsches – 911s, 944s, boxters, cayennes. i was amazed.

  10. I just moved to Pasadena, CA. There were about 10 times this weekend that I wish I would have had my camera, there are some amazing Porsches here including a dealership right down the street. Expect some pics from me soon.

  11. so is this a new game for “paul’s” family to play on the road trip instead of the slug bug game?

  12. He will see some nice ones on each coastline and probably Texas and Chicago if he hits those areas.

  13. Theres a good Bevmo in Pasadena, only place i can get a good carlys

  14. Phil Schneider says

    appears to be well maintained on the outside

  15. should see lots of older porsches,which is always cool.