Weekly Photo Highlight

Porsche at Sebring 2006

This week’s photo highlight is a little more subtle. I had a hard time expanding my horizon’s beyond the “sunsets and Porsches” photos I usually gravitate towards. The more I looked at this picture, the more I liked it. I’m not a big fan of the LeMans cars, or racing cars in general. I think by and large they’re kind of ugly. This one, however caught my eye and made think about what amazing machines these really are.

Chalk another one up to Gary. He just got himself 5 additional entries into the Porsche Giveaway.

Our photo gallery is starting to get some great shots in it. If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out. I added a bunch today.


  1. Gallery looks good, very diverse.

  2. nothing ugly about that car.great picture!

  3. almost looks stock,which is a plus.hope they do well.

  4. To be specific, this is a GT3 Cup S car, not a GT3 RSR. The GT3 RSR is the fastest of the Factory racers, and is what is raced in Lemans/ALMS. This GT3 Cup car shares many of the same components as the RSR, but not nearly as fast.

    The GT3 Cup is a racing series that runs as support to main races, such as the 12 Hours of Sebring, where this pic was taken in 2006. It’s basically a weekend racer series, with anyone from an aspiring 17 year old racer of the future to a 50 year old CEO who can afford to race at this level.

    You can buy this car straight from the factory for $366,000, and it’s ready to race.

    The car in this picture was sponsored by Applebee’s and the team was fairly well funded, with a really nice trailer, from which they were unloading the car when I snapped the pic.

  5. Nice pic bookie! Thanks for posting Ryan! Yes all the sunset and background pics are terrific,But Although this one not a factory effort, Its racers like this that do the hard work of development to keep those street cars top caliber!

  6. Ugly? race cars are the ultimate tuner cars

  7. That is one nice car!

  8. mitchell says

    i liked your no. 3 pick as a photo highlight better…. just sayin.

  9. That is an awesome looking car. I would love to see it race, or even ride in it.

  10. Nice pic again Gary. Good work!

  11. what are the pieces of metal that are shaped like U’s on the wheels?

  12. Brad, this car is straight from the factory in Stuttgart, all they did was add additional safety items a 2 way motorola radio, and some suspension / set-up tweaks.

  13. James, those are similar to u-bolts that mount into the rim hub, they use these as lash mounts when securing the car in the trailer. when they unload the car, they remove them.

  14. James – I included a close-up of the BBS rim, you can see the thread holes at the hub:


  15. btw, I shot these pics w/ a junky old Sony Mavica 3.3 megapixel camera with one of those cheap screw-on type wide angle adapters, proof that a better camera doesn’t always mean better pictures

  16. Bookie..ahh ok it is a factory racer! i guess i meant it was bought and sponsored by another team, But i am sure nonetheless ,There is plenty of feedback to the factory when i think about it. Each team may have their own little secret tweaks though i bet 🙂

  17. Brad, just like in any form of racing, the more cars on a team, the more data they acquire for set-up. Regarding equipment, there are some additional items they can upgrade, but not many. So it all boils down to who has the best set-up, and who makes the best use of it.

  18. ok thanks for the info on those u shaped things

  19. Love the photo!