Porsche Beer?

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Ryan issued me a challenge recently asking “If Porsche was a beer, what beer would it be?”

Turns out this is a hard question to answer. Not only because Porsche is such a top notch car designer, but because I don’t drive. Deciding I needed to at least be reminded what it felt like to be behind the wheel I took a drive and thought it over. Sadly I wasn’t behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Not having had much experience driving my first reaction was a simple one. Porsche = expensive high performance cars from Europe. Therefore Porsche should be compared to a high alcohol, quality craft beer from Europe. But then I got to thinking. What makes Porsche unique as a company? Is it performance only? The answer I came up with was Porsche was special because it has standards. It doesn’t make cars for your average Joe commuter, but it doesn’t have that “I have money” effect like a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Porsche is a car made for people who love cars. This leads me to believe that if Porsche was a beer it would be one that was made for people who love beer. The quality would just be a natural part of that. So this leads me to believe that a Porsche would be a beer from either Dogfish Head Brewing, or from Hair of the Dog Brewing. Both these companies stand out for making beer dedicated to consumers who love beer. But that only answers what brand a Porsche would be, not style. But just like there are many models of Porsche, there are many styles of beer. So for that I offer the following pairings.

356 Roadster – Out of all the Porches this one is the most beautiful to me. I’d recommend pairing it with a nice Saison. A semi dry beer with some fruitiness and earthy flavors. Also packs a slight tart kick to it.

911 – This is the Porsche that I see in pictures. For me this conjures up a nice german style lager with a mild bitterness, some light malt flavors, and some hop aromas

Boxter – This car reminds me of a Belgian Wit. A traditional wheat style with some spice to it from the coriander and orange peel. Something the average consumer wouldn’t expect to enjoy, but delightful and complex

Cayman – I needed a car that would pair well with a big beer, and I think the Cayman fits the bill. I’d pair it with a nice drive through the city and an aged barleywine. Barlywines are some of the highest alcohol beers, and I think the Cayman could stand up to being paired with it.

Cayanne – The Cayenne almost didn’t make the pairing list because it’s strange to try and wrap my head around a Porsche SUV. Up for a challenge though I think I found something. An american style amber or brown ale. American Ambers and American Browns are both good styles of beer that manage to get lost in the crowd. With a brown or a red there is always great potential, both for success or failure. But even a successful beer in these categories will always be forgotten for the memory of a bold IPA


  1. Interesting! That is tough to describe a Porsche beer..But done well. It would be easy if the task was describing a 1989 S10 as a beer…Keystone lol

  2. Very creative listing of the different beers. Knowing more about Porsches than beers, I have now been educated.

  3. Nice Post 😀 After reading this, it has tempted me to pick up some Dogfish Head next time I’m at the package store…

  4. if Porsche were a beer it would be Porschebier. or BierenziePorsche.

    I don’t speak German, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  5. A very proud youth pastor here. 🙂 Well done Jared! I’ll have to check out these suggestions.

  6. I don’t know that I would ever ‘pair’ these brews with a porsche.. unless you want your porsche to impounded… or worse.

  7. puts a lot of thought into it.seems to know his beer.

  8. I lived in Stuttgart for a while and my all time favorite beer is Stuttgarter Hofbrau ,coincidence?

  9. Interesting article Jared. I’ll take one of each (the Porsches and the beers). Sounds great. 🙂

  10. funny stuff.he makes some good comparisons.

  11. Yea, I like how he logically draws his comparisons. Well done Jared.

  12. mitchell says

    wow, this is over my head since i dont drink and its hard for me to be creative on the spot… i’ll have to think about it

  13. Funny!

  14. Useless opinion: my calculus professor, originally from Germany, told the class that German beer can be drank warm because it is of higher quality then American brew.

  15. That was so original and funny! Even though I hate beer and have never driven any of those Porsches, I loved it!

  16. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments. Also thanks Ryan for posting this. I’m really glad you guys enjoyed it. I’m not very knowledgeable about Porsches so it was a challenge writing this, but fun 🙂 Sorry if I was a bit over the top in choosing beers though. If you guys are interested though then you should get out and try some of these.


  17. Jared, as challenging as it was to write this, at least you didn’t decide to compare Porsche to something more confusing, like quantum physics. Nicely written, well done.

  18. my ideas would be totally different but i like your prospective.

    now the next question, “if porsche was a wine, what kind of wine would it be?”

  19. How about something edible?

  20. russ
    a fine chocolate maybe??

  21. Now I want a Bell’s Hopslam or a Lagunitas Imperial Red


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